Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kyle's return to hockey

About two weeks ago, Kyle informed us that he missed hockey. He wanted to start playing again. As it is the middle of the season for everyone, I didn't know if this was possible, but I made some phone calls, and a very accomodating hockey director made room for him on a house team.

Kyle had his first practice last night in a brand new pair of skates with a brand new stick. He seemed to have a blast, and noted that he worked harder last night than he had all last season. It was great fun to watch him skate again. He knows lots of kids on the team and appeared to be enjoying their company. His coach is terrific - very friendly, hockey knowledgable, and fair. He was so welcoming to Kyle and me. We are looking forward to the rest of this season. It should be fun.

His remaining game schedule is posted below. I will try to remember to post the results and Kyle's stats.

Kyles Hockey Schedule Winter 2006

Kyle’s Hockey Schedule
Winter 2006

DSCC Pee Wee House – Black Bears
All games to be played at Desert Schools Coyote Center, Chandler, Arizona

Sat 1/7/06     2:00pm     vs. MinuteMen
Sun 1/8/06     11:00am     vs. Terriers
Sat 1/14/06     12:45pm     vs. Terriers
Sat 1/21/06     12:45pm      vs. RiverHawks
Sat 1/28/06     2:00pm     vs. Eagles
Sat 2/4/06     2:00pm     vs. MinuteMen
Sun 2/12/06     9:20am     vs. Warriors
Sat 2/25/06     2:00pm     vs. MinuteMen
Sun 2/26/06     3:40pm     vs. MinuteMen

Joe's Graduation

Joe graduated from level one obedience & agility training on Monday night. Not sure he should have graduated, as he spent the entire class trying to find Snoopy. Ron thought it would be fun for Snoopy to have a night out and to watch Joe. Not a good idea. Joe was frantic looking for him. He whimpered & whined the whole time and kept focusing on that instead of me! But he had fun, and he did graduate to level two.

He is now happily going over obstacles, over jumps (only low ones for now,) through the tire, through any tunnel (YEA! That was a tough one!) through the weave poles (begrudgingly!) and even over the teeter, though he is not happy about that one at all. As far as obedience goes, without Snoopy around he will sit stay for about a minute, sit, down, stand & shake on command, and come most of the time. He is still completely unmanageable on the leash, but we're working on it. He's got so much energy he doesn't want to walk on the leash. It's a challenge.

Snoopy was originally in training, but when he needed surgery, we switched to Joe. Snoopy will sit out the next session as well, and will start basic training in the spring. He's easier anyway, as Joe outweighs him by at least 5 pounds and tons of strength.

Snoopy can shake, sit, stand, down and come on command already anyway. But I think that since Noo had surgery, Joey will be the agility dog. He seems to have taken to it pretty quickly and loves the running. He bounds over those obstacles like nothing. It's quite fun to watch - and participate. Though he's in much better shape than I am.

I'll try to get some pictures of him when we start back up in January.

Joe's Graduation Certificate

Monday, December 19, 2005

Merry Christmas from the House of SnooJoe

Just a short note to wish all who visit here a very happy holiday season! Whether you celebrate the winter solstice, Kwaanza, Hanukah, Christmas, or Ramadan, please have a very safe & happy holiday and remember that it's about family and friends, not the stuff.

Blessings & hugs,

Ron, Kim, Kyle and of course, Snoopy & Joe!

Merry Christmas from the House of SnooJoe

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Fun - get your elf name!

Had to share this, as it was shared with me. What fun! Give it a try!!!

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
Get your Christmas Elf Name at

Snoopy Update

As I sit here trying to think, while listening to the dogs wrestle in the bedroom next to me, I realize that I haven't updated since Snoopy's vet visit on Tuesday.

Snoopy went back in to the surgeon on Tuesday, 12/6, to have his sutures (staples) removed. He was such a good boy. Very excited to go to the office, until Holly came out to get him. Then he wanted to be sure that I would go with him. He wasn't going back through that door without me again.

He was weighed and gained 1.2 pounds during his 10 day rehab! As soon as he's able, we'll have to get him back exercising regularly!

It took Holly all of a minute to remove his staples. He was better about the staple removal than having his temperature taken. She said his incision looked great. Then Dr. Dixon came in to say that as long as he's doing fine, he doesn't need to see him again or re-xray. However, we are to still keep his activity level down (yeah, right) and rest him if he starts to limp.

So Snoopy is doing pretty well. We did have a scare on Wednesday night when he jumped off the couch and bumped his left shoulder into the corner of the coffee table. Ouch. He didn't move for a little while. Took some Rimadyl and napped. Then he was okay.

Then we had a scare with Joey yesterday. I thought I'd give them some freedom in the backyard since Noo can go in the pool again. They've been restricted from the pool/lawn area since Noo's surgery. Well, not 3 minutes after letting them out there, JOE came in limping pretty badly. I don't know what he did, but he was favoring his back leg (couldn't tell which even after examining both.) Gave them both Rimadyl and closed the gate. No yard privileges for them!

The Christmas tree is surviving the boys so far. No ornaments on the bottom 2 feet, and Joe seems to think that leaning against the tree is great fun. Not to mention wrestling underneath it. But there are no breakable ornaments on there (well, no glass ones anyway) and the tree is still standing.

No there will be no presents underneath the tree this year. We will have to find a much safer place to keep them.

Happy happy and Merry merry!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snoopy after surgery, Nov 25

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This is Snoopy the morning after surgery.  His incision is approximately 3 inches long with 8 staples holding it closed.  Poor little guy looks like a newborn pig where they shaved him.  The yellow bandage on the right leg is from his IV.  He's a little groggy.  Sedatives and painkillers on board.

Snoopy, the million dollar dog...

(although I posted a bit about this on Thanksgiving Day, I decided to post a play by play review of the surgery and days following. Just for my own amusement.)

When things are going too well, something is bound to change. Back in October, Snoopy hurt his left leg. Went to the vet, couldn't find anything seriously wrong. Told us to rest him (yeah, right) and keep an eye on it. November, Snoopy starts limping on the opposite side. Back to the vet. Nothing wrong on the right, but that left shoulder is still suspicious.

November 22 - To the specialist (ie: veterinary surgeon.) We went to the same facility that treated Toosox when she had lymphoma. Fabulous group of doctors. Just a really nice place if you have to be there. Dr. Dixon examined Snoopy and requested that we return for x-rays the next day. He was suspicious it might be loose cartilage. Snoopy would need to be sedated for radiology, so he would spend the day there.

November 23 - Snoopy was dropped off at 8:30am for his day at the vet. He was very happy and compliant. Didn't even blink when the door closed behind him. The surgeon called around 2pm. Snoopy had OCD (the physical kind, not the mental kind - though most BCs are mentally OC!) OsteoChondritis Dissecans. A chip of cartilage had broken off from the ball of the shoulder joint and lodged in the joint, causing him to limp. Most likely caused by excessive stress on the shoulder joint. He would be fine, but there was only a "fix" not a "cure." Oh yeah, and there would be a month long recovery period in which he was to be inactive. (nine month old Border Collie - are they kidding???) I could pick him up around 2pm. When I picked him up he was a little loopy, but very happy to see me. The surgical tech showed me the xrays (they're digital now - very cool) and the spot where he was missing the cartilage. Good news was the right shoulder looked fine. Snoopy came home and slept most of the afternoon.

November 24 - Thanksgiving Day. Snoopy has lots of freedom and fun. Ball at the park, running up and down the stairs, swimming in the pool, digging up the back lawn, wrestling with his brother. After today, he will be on restriction until just before the New Year.

November 25, 8:30am. Time to drop Snoopy off for his surgery. This time he's not so keen on going behind that door. He fights and cries to get back out. What a heartbreaker. 12:30pm The surgical tech calls to let me know they are going into surgery. That Snoopy has just been sedated. He has been pretty restless and vocal all morning, but is quite happy now. 1:30pm The surgeon calls to say they are out of surgery. They removed a chunk of cartilage from his shoulder and he's doing fine. Just waking up from anesthesia. I can pick him up at 8:30am the next morning.

Meanwhile, back at our house, Joe is frantic. Poor dog can't find his brother anywhere. He sniffs and paws at every corner of the house looking for him. He cries and whimpers. At one point he lays down with one of Snoopy's stuffed animals between his paws and lays his head on it. He is tragic. Completely lost without Snoopy.

And at the hospital, apparently Snoopy is no better. Howls and cries all night.

November 26, 8:30am. Time to bring the million dollar dog home. The surgical tech takes me through the discharge instructions, gives me his pile of meds (sedative, painkiller, anti-inflammatory) and let's me pay the bill. hahahaha She also was kind enough to save the chip that was removed. It is the size of a middle fingernail. Ouch.

She goes to the back to get Snoopy (whom I could hear the minute I entered the building.) He comes running in the room, jumping all over me. He is very happy. And apparently not too uncomfortable. He is not to be jumping around like this. And this was on the sedatives. We go over a few final things and I head out with Snoopy.

At home, Snoopy sleeps. Joe occasionally sniffs him (especially his incision which is approximately 3 inches long and stapled shut) and looks at me as if to say, "He looks like my brother, and even sort of smells like him, but he's not acting like him." Joe is happy that Snoopy is here, but very unhappy that Snoopy won't play. Ha. Just wait 24 hours.

That night I try to crate Snoopy to sleep. No such luck. Guess one night away from home in a crate was enough. He howls until I can't stand it. I go downstairs and sleep on the couch with Snoopy on a leash next to me. At least if he tries to move, I can wake up. It is a long night.

November 27 - Are we sure this dog had surgery? He's happy as a clam and trying to run all around the family room, which he is restricted to. A month of no exercise??? They must be kidding. With all the meds on board, Snoopy seems fine. So I decide to cut out the painkillers. Maybe with a little discomfort, he'll be less apt to try to jump and run.

And back to today. Snoopy is doing great one week after surgery. His incision looks good, the sutures come out Tuesday. He is quite mobile - getting around really well, and now restricted to the downstairs unless someone carries him up and down the stairs. He's a little stir crazy, but we've still got 3 weeks of rehab before he can play hard again. Joe still doesn't understand why he can't wrestle with Snoopy. But at least he has his brother back.

We see the vet on Tuesday. Will know more then about his rehab and progress. More later.

Friday, November 25, 2005

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have much to be thankful for this year. I know we do.

All is well here. Mostly. Snoopy went in for surgery today. He has OCD. No, not the mental kind. Osteochondritis Dissecans. He has a loose piece of cartilage in his left shoulder. Ouch. He's been limping on and off for about a month. The doctor sent us to the specialist and he confirmed it.

I dropped Snoopy off at 8:30am this morning. Poor thing was fine until the nurse tried to take him to the back. Then he freaked. He wanted mom. Kyle & I kissed him goodbye and left. A few tears were shed, I'm sure on both sides of that door.

Snoopy was operated on at 12:30pm today. The surgeon called at 1:45pm to say all went well and that they removed a large chunk of cartilage from the joint. He said he was just waking up from anesthesia and everything was fine.

Tomorrow morning he will come home and spend the next two weeks off his leg. Two weeks of crate confinement - except for meals & potty breaks. And the occasional lap time with mom. Then two weeks getting back to normal starting with short walks. It's going to be quite a time for all of us.

Poor Joe just looks lost without his Noo. When I got home from the vet's this morning, he looked at me like, "Did you forget someone?" And all day he's kind of been lost - looking for Noo all over the house. We took him to the park to play ball, and when he came back in the house, he looked all over. As though Noo was supposed to greet him. Poor little guy.

The interesting part will be how Snoopy reacts to being crated while Joe is free. Snoopy will be sedated for the next few days (at least) so that he doesn't disturb the surgeon's hard work. But how do you keep a 9 month old puppy stoic for a month? Good question. We're about to find out.

Otherwise, it was a very uneventful Thanksgiving. Nana & Pa were in California with Ron's sister Diane & family. We had a quiet dinner here, just the 3, I mean, 5 of us. I cooked for 4 hours and we ate in 10 minutes. Isn't that how it is? Watched some football and some dog show. Relaxed. Watched Snoopy & Joe run in the yard and swim and dig. It was a good day.

Hope that yours was wonderful as well. That you've kicked off the holiday season with a bang and didn't spend too much at the stores today.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ACK! It's been almost two months!!!

I know I say this every time, but where does the time go??? I can't believe I last posted over a month ago (and nearly two!)

The boys turned 8 months on 10/21. They are monsters. Joe is the longest tallest BC I've ever seen. I'm sure it doesn't help that he's a short hair. He's funny. All gangly and awkward. He has some coordination troubles :-)

Snoopy is about the size of Toosox now, though not the weight. He is truly a pretty boy. His coat has come in so beautifully. He loves to catch the ball in mid-air. He's also more and more a momma's boy. Sometimes not even letting me up. He'll climb all over me to prevent my moving!

Kyle's finished his first quarter of school, had a two week break and went back just Monday. He's doing fine. He played in a golf tournament earlier this month. He had 7 good holes and two horrendous ones. Oh well, you learn from the horrendous ones. He had fun though. He's still taking golf lessons weekly and can almost hit the ball as far as his dad now.

Kyle has also started guitar lessons. He seems to be enjoying them immensely. It is electric guitar, but so far he hasn't blasted us out of the house. I suppose those days are yet to come.

Ron is at the golf course as we speak. He's playing lots of golf and enjoying his reserve schedule. More often than not he doesn't get called in, so he gets to spend lots of time with all of us and the golf course.

The puppies have been a constant source of entertainment. There was the night I found them unraveling the sweater I had been working on. There was the time they decided the pillow on the futon in our bedroom needed to be disciplined - to the merriment of all. Our bedroom carpet appeared to be covered in white clouds - stuffing everywhere! They delight in wrestling at 2 am or playing ball or whatever happens to be their whim on that particular night.

They also enjoy the dog park. We've been trying to go at least 3 mornings a week. They aren't much interested in the other dogs, they just love to have all that space to play ball. They run and run until they drop. Then they come home for a swim to cool off. And they sleep the remainder of the day. No mischief when they're asleep!

We've had lots of visitors this past month as well. First were the Fergusons - Adam, Kristine & Taylor and Ryan and his girlfriend Carrie. It was awesome to get to meet Carrie and hang out with her. She's really a terrific person. Taylor keeps getting bigger and bigger! She's precious. And funny. She absolutely loved her cousin Kyle. I enjoyed hanging out with all of them. It's nice to see everyone.

The next visit came from Kim's friend Sue from Boston. She brought lots of treats for all, and taught us how to make cannoli. Yummy! It was wonderful that she took the time to come hang out with us for a few days. We don't get to see her enough.

Last was a visit from Michael Stiteler and his fiance Alicia. That was awesome. She is making such a wonderful addition to our family. Michael is very lucky (and so is Alicia.) It was great that they could make the trip down here to meet all of us, but especially to spend time with Nana & Pa. We're looking forward to the wedding!

That's all from the house of Border Collie. Picture to be posted of all very soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What happens when the humans try to sleep...

This was a sweater I was knitting. Somehow, SnooJoe got a hold of the bag in the middle of the night. They proceeded to undo not only the sweater, but several skeins and balls of yarn, AND they ate the knitting needles (they were bamboo.)

Need I say more? I found this around 2:30am. (and you wonder why I'm always so tired?)

The sweater I was knitting - picture #2

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The sweater I was knitting - picture #1

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's adventure of SnooJoe

SnooJoe had been swimming with Kyle and they came in and I heard them wrestling in my bedroom next door. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sounded like they were having fun.

Ron came in and hollered for me to come down to help him with something. I told him I'd be down in a minute. I walked in our bedroom and it was covered in a sea of white fluff. (now if I'd had my wits about me I would have photographed it for y'all. Stupid me didn't think about a photo until after it was cleaned!)

Kyle came in when he heard me gasp and proceeded to laugh his butt off. Apparently SnooJoe were not only wrestling with each other, but with a bolster pillow (of course not a cheap one) off the futon. It must have been great fun for them to TEAR the END of the pillow off and proceed to throw fluff all over the room. (For the record, it was a pillow approximately 15" long x 6" in diameter and it took a tall kitchen garbage bag to contain only PART of the fluff from inside!) Seriously, it looked like a teddy bear threw up.

Both boys slinked away with their tails down. Kyle and I have since cleaned up all the fluff. Ron did not need to be witness to this latest debacle.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The boys being Ron's biggest fans

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Joey, taking a snooze

Image hosted by

The big boys at 6 months old

Image hosted by

Snoopy, asleep with his chew hoof

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The birthday boy & mom

Image hosted by

The family at the party

Image hosted by

Party boys NOT behaving!

Image hosted by

Party boys behaving (sort of) for the picture

Image hosted by

Charlie trying to steal Kyle's birthday money

Image hosted by

Matthew on the rock wall at Kyle's party

Image hosted by

Some of the party boys

Image hosted by

Kyle & Blake driving the go-karts

Image hosted by

The Go-Kart Race

Image hosted by

Cosmic Bowling at Kyle's Birthday

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September update

I am always amazed when I hop on here and realize another month has passed without an update. Life seems to zoom by too quickly these days.

Have spent the last week glued to the TV along with the rest of America, watching the Katrina disaster in the south. I have many internet friends in that region, and I am happy that all are okay now. They were able to get out (or stay in my crazy friend Lee's case!) and all have homes to go home to at some point. I was concerned about the humans, but now have really focused on all the poor animals that were left behind. Shelters would not allow the evacuees to bring their animals with them, and many were forced to leave their animals behind. Just now the rescue of those animals is beginning. One of my internet friends posted about a shelter outside of N.O. that normally houses 50 animals and now has over 300 with more coming in all the time. If you are giving to the cause down there, please think about the animal organizations as well. They are desperately in need of help.

Otherwise, life goes on here. The pups have passed the 6 month milestone (8/21) and were neutered. Both did just fine with the surgery and recovery. Like nothing ever happened. In fact, the office told me that they would probably need at least 24 hours of down time to recover from the surgery. No such luck. Within 2 hours of my bringing them home, they were racing around here like little demons again. Snoopy weighed about 35 pounds and Joe almost 40 at 6 months. They are tall & gangly and cute and sweet. They make us laugh constantly and are a huge source of joy around here.

Kyle has made it halfway through his first quarter of school. He's doing very well - his teacher told him last week that he sets a great example for the 5th graders in his class. He seems to be enjoying his last year of grade school.

Kyle's 11th birthday came on 8/27. We had a party for him (the first since he turned 6!) at an indoor amusement center called Amazing Jakes. It was amazing. He invited 10 friends (6 came to the party) and they spent the evening eating, driving go-karts, playing games & bowling. They had a blast. From the generosity of his friends & family, he purchased himself an iPod and a new golf bag for his birthday. He is a very lucky little boy.

I spent a week redoing his bedroom to make it more "grown-up." Out went all the hockey bedding and curtains and decor. He now has a much more streamlined room with an entertainment wall and a desk. He is turning into a teenager before our very eyes. Scary.

Our cabin sold last month, and we close escrow this week. An era has passed with our having two homes, but it was time to move on. We had a huge yard sale up there to clear it out. After being up in Heber for 5 years and knowing no one, we met some really nice people at the yard sale. It was fun and successful. The cabin is now empty and awaiting its new owners. We will miss it, but look forward to the next purchase, which hopefully will be our last, and the home we will retire to.

Pa (Ron's dad, Walt) had his second cataract surgery the end of August as well. He is doing great now and can see well for the first time in ages. The surgery prompted a visit from Aunt Shirley which was loads of fun. She got to come to Kyle's party and we took her out on the boat one afternoon. It was great to have her here.

Until next month...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Silly Joey

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The Joey

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Snoopy, the prince

Image hosted by

The Snooper

Image hosted by

The boys taking a break

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Kyle & Snoopy enjoying a quiet moment

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August, and the weather is sultry

It must be August. My hair is curling and the sweat is pouring. The good thing about August in Phoenix is the drop in temperatures. The bad thing is the rise in humidity. Of course, when we actually get rain it's wonderful. But the steamy days are rather uncomfortable.

The other good thing about August is back to school. Kyle has now been in school 2 full weeks. He seems to be enjoying it and excelling at it. This time last year we were struggling with the workload, but this year he seems to be taking it all in stride, turning in assignments on time and actually doing his homework without being reminded. 6th grade is a big change.

The pups were neutered last Tuesday. They both did fine with the surgery and the day away from mom. In fact, I wasn't sure that Joe was going to come home. When we tried to leave the vets office, he kept going back! They were a little out of it for the day, but back to their bouncy selves by the next morning. However, they are having issues with not being allowed on the lawn or in the pool. One more week, then the sutures come out and they can have their normal puppy life back.

Joe is now almost 40 pounds!!! Snoopy around 35. They are BIG BIG boys. They've reached adolescence. All leggy and gangly. Very cute. They are active as ever, if not more. And they are still very loving too.

We crossed a big milestone in our lives as well. Our cabin is in escrow with a possible close date at the end of August. After 5 wonderful years, we have decided that it is time to let someone else enjoy it. With Kyle's schedule, and Ron's, we just don't have as much time as we used to be able to spend up there. I think we've averaged maybe 30 days a year up there these last 2 years. Even this summer, with no commitments, we've only been up 3 times. So it's time.

More new pics of the boys posted, so you can see how much all 3 of them have changed. Hope all is well in your lives too.

My 30 pound lap puppy

Image hosted by

Kyle & Joey after playing

Image hosted by

Joey, 5 months old

Image hosted by

Snoopy, 5 months old

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Where does the time go???

I am trying to remember to post every week, but the time just slips by...

Kyle played in his final PGA Junior Tournament for the summer this morning. Took him all summer, but he shot a 40 for 9 holes and won! A great way to culminate the summer season. He still has a few tournaments left, but the PGA tournaments were the tough ones. We're very proud of him.

The pups are HUGE. They're not really pups anymore. They're more like dogs. Big teeth and everything. I actually was able to retrieve two of Joe's puppy teeth for the scrapbook. Still don't have any of Snoopy's though.

The cabin went up for sale on Saturday. After 5 wonderful years, we've decided to try to sell. When we originally bought it, we were the only house in 40 acres. We did have two neighbors to the north of us, but no one to block our view to the south. We built with that in mind. Well, in the past 3 years, more and more houses have gone up around us. We no longer have a view of the meadow, but of houses. It is still a beautiful area, but it is time for us to move on. We don't know if we'll buy something else up there, or wait for closer to Ron's retirement to pick a location. We are so busy now with Kyle, plus we have the boat, and it's always a struggle to get up there. It would be nice for someone else to enjoy.

School starts next Wednesday for Kyle. Hard to believe our summer break is nearly over. I think it's time. I'm definitely not looking forward to the alarm clock or homework, but we'll survive.

Friday, July 08, 2005

muddy noses

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Check out the muddy noses on these two.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what they've been up to?  Do the guilty faces say anything?


Image hosted by

Mom getting hugs from the Snooper first thing in the morning.  He is my huggy boy.

Pool Boys

Image hosted by

This picture gives new meaning to "pool boys."

Joey - King of the Pool

Image hosted by

This would be Joey - once he's found his way onto the float!

July and it's hot!

Hi. It's steamy hot here. 112 and hopefully the monsoon is approaching. Everything is quite toasty out there.

Spent last weekend at the cabin. As usual Heber put on its 4th Celebration with a fireworks show. It was a good show and the weather was great. There was a fire just west of Heber, but fortunately the Forest Service got it under control overnight, so there was no need to worry.

Kyle had the week off from golf. No tournaments, no clinics. We went out and played 9 yesterday, though, to prep him for Monday's tournament. Ron bought him a new set of Nike irons on Wednesday, so we needed to try them out. He played great - shooting a 44 from the forward tees. That's 8 over par. Not bad for a 10 year old. I played for the first time since last fall, and things hurt today that I forgot I had. No score posting for me. I don't keep track. If I make contact with the ball and it goes more than a few yards a shot, I'm happy!

I've listed Kyle's scores from the 1st 3 tournaments on that particular post. I am happy to say that in the last tournament, Kyle placed 2nd! He was beat by a score of 26 (for 6 holes) and that was put up by a teenager. Kyle was very happy to take second and a nice trophy.

The pups are great. Getting so big you can't imagine. Joe is now swimming to the float and then climbing up and floating around. He loves to retrieve balls in the pool. Snoopy is still water shy and will only retrieve balls from the top step. I have video of Joe in the pool. As soon as I figure out how to upload it to the web, I'll post the site.

Nothing new on the AWA/US Air merger, but we'll keep you posted on that as well. For now, Ron continues to fly the 737. He's on reserve (call-out) and loving it. Many days a month go by with his getting paid to watch golf on TV and do the yard work. Kyle thinks the life of an airline pilot is awesome - yet he wasn't around or doesn't remember the years leading up to this life of leisure.

School starts for Kyle in a mere 3 weeks. The summer goes so fast and it's hard to believe he'll be starting 6th grade. He'll have the same teacher as last year, which he's looking forward to. This will be his last year at Edu-Prize if he gets into Surrey Garden. If not, then he'll do junior high at Edu-Prize and we'll worry about high school later. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said for Surrey Garden. It's a very small private school near us, and we would love for Kyle to go there. He's excited because they have a golf team.

That's all for now. Stay cool and safe and enjoy what's left of your summer.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Summer, summer, summer

Sitting here at my newly formatted computer that I spent the last 3 days trying to make happy again. Now I'm wishing I'd paid more attention all those years in school. Oh yeah, we didn't have computers back then. Hahahaha.

Ron is actually away on a trip this weekend. He got nailed with a 4 day for the first time in months. Poor thing sounds exhausted when he calls. The life of leisure is over for now.

Kyle is bored to tears. It's a good thing though. He's spending lots of time swimming, playing with the pups, and being lobotomized by video games. But he's relaxing. And that's something we haven't done a lot of in ages.

It's been beastly hot here, for those of you that don't watch the national weather. We've got fires burning all over the state, but fortunately, right now, none of them are affecting our properties. Keep your eyes on the forests, though. If one starts in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest, we may be in trouble. We were spared 3 years ago by the Rodeo-Chediski (which burned nearly 3/4 of a million acres of forestland) and we're hoping we'll be spared this year as well. We just have to patiently wait for the monsoon season to come and bring us some rain. It's been over 60 days since we've seen much precip.

Nana & Pa are doing well. Pa had cataract surgery and is recovering. He'll have the second eye done in August, and then he'll be good as new.

The pups are good. Rotten little monsters dug a huge hole in the backyard this morning, which I must go fill. Also, are still tearing up the back lawn piece by piece. No need to dethatch the lawn this year - pups are taking care of it for us.

Joe has learned to retrieve the tennis ball from the pool. Big, brave dog jumps off the first step and swims all over now. Snoopy is not so brave. He's still hanging on the top step, avoiding any of us that want to pull him in further. I did get him in the other day, and Joe promptly jumped in and tried to drown Snoopy. Guess Joe doesn't want to share the "giant water dish."

Our trainer informed us that our pups are entering "toddlerhood or the terrible twos." Really. I never would have known. With their success at being potty trained, Ron gave them the run of the house, somewhat supervised. They did spend a couple of night sleeping in our room quite successfully, but they've also managed to rid us of some drywall that they thought we didn't need. Didn't know gypsum tasted good.

So, life is actually pretty quiet here right now. Probably shouldn't have said that. Now it's bound to change! LOL

Pictures to follow of the boys newfound swimming abilities.

Friday, June 17, 2005

4 month puppy visit

The pups went for their 4 month visit on Tuesday. They now both weigh right around 25 pounds. Getting so big! They are halfway to their adult weight! The vet says that they are very healthy pups. Their legs are all gangly right now. They have had all their puppy shots, and now we move on to the snipping!

Last night they slept in our room on the floor for the first time. What a big treat for all. They had a little trouble settling in, but then slept. They got up at some point during the night to go out to potty all by themselves! It was a huge step. They even slept in this morning when it was light. When I got up, they got up! Amazing. Big progress in the puppy world.

We've been giving them full-house priveleges too. They've had the run of the house when we're home all week. I think they're doing well. No accidents. We are still trying to control the chewing though. And they still think they can steal anything they want to play with or chew. But they are turning into real dogs right before our eyes.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer is here

Well, the temperatures have finally decided to behave more like summer around here. We're supposed to be in the 100s all week. It has been really nice up till now, though.

Kyle played in his first summer golf tourney this morning. He did great. Shot a 47 (par 36) and finished 6 out of 7. The winner shot a 36, with 3 birdies. Pretty amazing for a 10 year old. Kyle had fun and made some new friends. It's going to be a good experience for him. Ron & his dad went to watch, but no spectators are allowed on the course. Probably not a bad thing. Might make the kids more nervous - and you know sports parents!

Spent last Weds-Sat up at the cabin. The cabin is fine. Weather up there was cool - actually needed sweaters at night. Rather windy for June. Kyle, Ron & Walt (Ron's dad) played golf up there on Friday. Nana (Mary, Ron's mom) and I hung out at the cabin with the pups and were lazy. That's my favorite thing to do up there. The puppies had fun - enjoyed their yard, but seemed to miss home. Especially the doggie door. They loved being able to run upstairs and down at will, and play on the carpet in Kyle's loft. Both dogs made it to the cabin without getting carsick, but someone got carsick on the way home. We'll never know. But they definitely needed their baths when they got home. YUCK!

They go for their last puppy vet visit tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how much they weigh now. Also, almost time for the "snipping." They're eating like pigs and growing like weeds. Puppy classes are fine, although last week Snoopy didn't want to participate. Both boys have figured out that they're Border Collies and spend playtime trying to herd the rest of the pups. It's comical. Only 5 more weeks of puppy school. Wonder if they'll graduate...

Ron's vacation will end tomorrow. It was a pretty good week. He played a bunch of golf, took the boat out a couple of times and spent time up at the cabin. No big vacations planned this year, we're going to hang out here and the cabin with the pups. If you feel like visiting, you know where to find us!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kyle and the tournament director, after being awarded the Gold Medal at the Grand Canyon State Games in April, 2005 Posted by Hello

Kyle's Golf Career & 05 Summer Tourney Schedule

Kyle played in his first two tournaments last summer at his golf clinic. The first was the parent/child tourney, which he played in with his grandfather. I think they came in 3rd in their division. The second was the end of season tourney. They played in their summer clinic divisions. Kyle was in the "red" (highest) division, and finished first by one stroke. He beat out both the club pros' kids, and a 15 year old. Beginner's luck or the start of something?

Our first tournament this year was the Grand Canyon State Games (the state Olympics) in April. He finished first in the 9-10 division. He was a little nervous, after not having played all hockey season, but had a great time and learned what it is like to play in a "real" tournament. We even had a rain delay (for a serious thunderstorm that moved through.) He had to keep score for himself and one other player in his foursome, plus they had a scorekeeper with them. At the end of the round, they had to go to the scorer's table to verify their scores and sign their cards. Just like the pros!

Kyle will be playing on two golf tours this summer, the Southwest Section PGA Antigua Junior Tour, Red Mountain division and the Junior Golf Association of Arizona, Boys Golf Club. Spectators are welcome at both tours, if you want to watch. It's really fun to see the kids play. His schedule is:

6/13, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Las Colinas Golf Club in Queen Creek, tee time 7:16am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 47 (par 36), finished 6/7
6/20, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Leisure World Golf Course in Mesa, tee time 7:32am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 51 (par 36), finished tied for 4th
6/27, JGAA/BGC Mesa Championship at Dobson Ranch Golf Club in Mesa
Score: 35 (for 6 holes from the forward tees), finished 2nd
7/11, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Viewpoint Golf Club in Mesa, tee time 7:48am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 51, finished 2nd
7/18, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Mountainbrook Golf Club in Gold Canyon, tee time 7:16am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 40, finished 1st!
7/25, JGAA/BGC Summer Classic at Riverview Golf Course in Mesa
10/8, JGAA/BGC Halloween Howl

As he plays these tourneys, I will post his results & standings. If you want to attend any of these tourneys as a spectator, I will try to remember to post his starting times - or you can email me a couple days before and I'll send you the starting times.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Joe taking a nap Posted by Hello