Friday, August 22, 2008

Cutest model ever?

Snoopy's scarf
Is he? When I posted this pic on Ravelry for my FO, that was the response I got. He is pretty darn cute, in my opinion. Even cuter in my newly finished ruffled scarf!

Also recently finished, chunky mittens to match the scarf. They are a bit long in the hand portion. But they'll do nicely for hockey.

On the needles? Still working on Christmas stuff - gifts, gifts, gifts. And for mindless knitting time, I'm working on another bag. Might be a gift. Might be for me.

Other than knitting talk...

Kyle is finishing up his second full week of high school. So far it's going okay. PE is a bear. Some nights he has no homework, other nights it seems the teachers all conspire to send homework home. Last night he had oodles. He has been riding the bus, and while he doesn't love it, I think it's not so bad. His 14th birthday is rapidly approaching. Next Wednesday.

Had his first hockey scrimmage last Saturday. He did well. Had a couple of great shots. Was able to keep up with the competition - thanks Gayle! Have two more scrimmages this weekend, then Labor Day weekend we play in a local tournament.

Ron will be bringing Nana back here on Sunday. She's had a nice stay in California but is ready to be back in AZ. Her house is scheduled to be finished and keys in her hand on October 2nd.

Me? Just plugging along....

Monday, August 11, 2008

First week down

So Kyle finished his first "week" of high school. He said it was mostly boring. Rules, paperwork, all that kind of stuff. PE on Friday was the first time he dressed out. When we went to open house, the PE instructors warned that this was "not a regular boys PE class" and that it would be "physically & mentally challenging." Between PE Friday, off-ice training & practice on Saturday, Kyle had a tough time walking on Sunday. And he gets to do PE 5 times this week!

He likes his biology teacher best. His English teacher plays hockey. His math teacher is brand new and very cute (he didn't say that, but I'm sure he's thinking it.) French is French. He's enjoying drawing in Art.

Rode the bus to school on Friday after mom drove the first two days, sat in horrible traffic, and refused to drive ever again. He said the bus is okay. Hot. Ron drove him this morning, but he's bussing it home.

In other news, I finished up another pair of socks. Yay! That's 3 complete pairs now. I'm so proud. I bought yarn to make Ron 3 pair of socks for Christmas. Problem is he has to wear black to work, so I have to knit 3 pair of all black socks. Ugh.

Snoopy is hanging in there. His nose seems to be cooler, but he's still got the labored breathing thing going. I'm really hoping we'll see some improvement with that soon.

Oh yeah, and I go back to work for Storables on 8/21. Exciting stuff!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First day of school

Today my baby went off to high school. It's funny cause I never cried when he started kindergarten, didn't cry when he finished grade school or started junior high. Almost cried at his junior high promotion, just knowing that today was coming. But high school blew me away. Just the realization that his time with me is almost over. Soon he'll be off to college and on his own. The last 14 years at times have seemed like they crawled, but today, I felt like they had blown by me.

I watched my little boy walk off into that big school and I just wanted to cry. He's not a little boy anymore.

Friday, August 01, 2008

10 days later...

hahaha I've got a theme going here.

Okay, so red/white socks finished. Started another pair doing the two socks on two circs method in the book Knitting Circles Around Socks I'm doing the basic worsted socks in Wool-ease wheat. It's a nice natural looking color. Might be gift socks. Haven't decided yet.

I'm also knitting tree ornaments for gifts.

Snoopy is doing okay. We've noticed that his nose will cool off now and again. His breathing is pretty rapid still. I contacted the Valley Fever Center for Excellence in Tucson (at U of A) and they recommended that we continue these meds for a month, and if we see no improvement to talk to the vet about a med switch. But it's a long road ahead for Mr. Noo.

Hockey is winding up. Practice every Saturday from now until next April. We'll start weeknight practices later in the month. First tournament is Labor Day weekend!!! Then we're off to Dallas in October.

High school starts next Wednesday. Wow. Very strange to imagine Kyle in high school. Blink and it's over.

Still hot here. Beastly. Last night Phoenix set a record for the highest "low" temperature on that date. Really, we don't need to be setting any records. I'm more than ready for summer to be over.