Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures from Calgary, Banff & Lake Louise

Just a week ago, Ron was assigned a trip to Calgary - flew in on Friday and spent 2 days off there, returning early Monday. Kyle & Kim couldn't pass up the chance to spend time with Ron in a new place, so they tagged along. Kyle was very excited about the giant skatepark.

Banff is such a neat mountain town. Felt more like the Alps than the Rockies. Great shopping!

Lake Louise is breathtaking. Simply one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Would love to go back when it's warmer and take a canoe ride. The Chateau Lake Louise is an incredible, grand hotel.

Banff & Lake Louise are definitely worth the trip if you ever have the opportunity.

We took Kyle to the largest, free, concrete, outdoor skatepark in North America (Shaw Millenium Park) where he reveled in skateboarding as much as he could. The fab skatepark photos are mostly the talent of Ron's first officer Scott. He was kind enough to take an afternoon to shoot them.

The Calgary Tower was closed, but we did drive by it. We also drove by Olympic Park with its bobsled runs, ski jumps & indoor luge run - however we ran out of time, so we didn't stop.

We did take the time on Saturday night to attend a University of Calgary (Go Dinos!) hockey game. What fun!!!! $10 for a seat on the glass. Some great hockey and great beer. It was a blast.

This was a great trip. Nice to spend time together (though I think the pace Kim & Kyle like to keep exhausts Ron!) and fun to visit a new city.

Enjoy the photos!

Calgary Tower (from the car)

Great Motto!

Shaw Millenium Park - Street course

Kyle - big air off the stairset

SMP - Kyle

SMP - Kyle in the full pipe

Ron enjoying the cold air

Lake Minnewanka

Unnamed waterfall on the road to Banff

Mule deer shopping in Banff

Kyle & his Rude Boys skateboard in Banff

The family at Lake Louise

Kyle studying for his Constitution test

View from the car while driving to Banff

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Okay, so it's been almost 6 months....

....since I last posted. Shoot me. Apparently life gets away from you sometimes and you forget your priorities (or I do anyway.) So here goes. Six months in a nutshell.

Kyle did indeed go to Camp Woodward this summer. From what he tells me it was unbelievable. As many hours a day as they could squeeze in skateboarding - they did neglect to eat and shower, but skateboarding all day long in one of the biggest skateparks in the US was far more important. He can't wait for next summer.

Ron & I spent a few days in Sedona while Kyle was in Tehachapi. It was nice. While Kyle neglected to eat (and maybe even sleep) Ron & I did nothing but sleep and eat. There is great food to be had in Sedona. Yes, we did actually get out and see some of the beautiful rocks too.

Snoopy & Joe took the summer off from training. They simply swam for months. I think they loved it. The boys are rapidly approaching their 3rd birthdays.

June brought hockey tryouts. Kyle is now playing for the Phoenix Mustangs (Valley of the Sun Hockey Association) at the Arcadia Ice Arena. It's a bit farther to drive, but he is with a great coach (same as last season) and a great group of kids (a lot from last season.) We travel to Salt Lake City & San Jose in November, Denver in January, San Diego in February. So far that's it - and really, isn't that enough?

Kyle also started 8th grade in August. EIGHTH GRADE!!! Where does the time go? Next year high school.

Ron was flying a line for a while, but now is back on reserve. He seems to prefer the couch to the cockpit.

Yesterday, Kyle had 5 baby teeth removed surgically. I guess in this day and age if you reach 13 with baby teeth still intact, they have to come out. The oral surgeon said those teeth had some mightily sturdy roots. Kyle came through the anesthesia just fine, asking when he woke "when did you grow two heads?" He's recuperating now.

So that's my nearly six months in a nutshell.