Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

I find it amazing how time flies when you're in your car. Since Kyle made the PeeWee B team, we are back to being in the car all the time. Hockey practices, games, trips to the skateparks, trips to hockey friend's houses... But no complaints here. I am so happy that he's back playing a game he loves with a great group of kids and great coaches. We really couldn't ask for any more.

Kyle started junior high in August. It has been quite a transition for all of us. He rides his bike to school almost every day. He buys his lunch almost every day. He's in school until 3pm (big change there considering for the previous 4 years he'd gotten out at 12:30!) It's a big big school. But he seems to love it, and his grades have been pretty good. He goes to school with his teammate (and coaches son) Steven. And several of his friends from grade school are there. He's also made some new friends. All around, we have no complaints on the school front.

Hockey is amazing. The coaches put together a fabulous group of kids that actually seem to really like each other, and play very well together. Kyle is playing wing/center. He's doing pretty well this season, racking up quite a few assists, and leads the league in assists right now! Since the beginning of the season (way back in August) counting all scrimmages and games, their team is 20-5-0. 3 of those losses were to A teams, one was to a Bantam team (Bantam is the under 14 bracket.) All in all, we can't complain. The kids played in a Thanksgiving tournament and won. They just finished playing in a Christmas tournament, and finished in 3rd, behind teams from Canada and Denver. Next we're off to Denver to play over Martin Luther King weekend.

The puppies aren't such puppies anymore! They'll be two in February. Both are right around 45 pounds, though Joe is 22 inches tall, and Snoopy 20 inches tall. Joe is the Energizer bunny. He never stops moving all day. Snoopy is still more of a lap dog. Preferring to lay on whomever happens to be on the couch. Joe received his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title back in the spring. Snoopy just received his in December. Mom is very proud of them. Both boys have finished up advanced obedience and are training in agility. Joe will start in agility level 3 next week, Snoopy in level one. In just a short while Joe will be qualified to compete in agility, though I think it will be a lot longer before Mom is qualified to compete with him.

Ron is sticking out this merger with US Airways. No news on the front. The two pilot groups are still operating separately and no deals have been made to merge them. We are waiting to hear what is going to happen there. And the Delta deal is still on the table too. It has been an interesting year in the airline biz.

Golf is the big thing in Ron's life. He's playing 3-4 times a week, and playing very well! The big benefit of living in sunny AZ.

Me, I'm here playing on my xmas present - a new iMac. Bill Gates and I had a falling out in November when my very custom, very expensive Dell computer went kaput. Actually the operating system went kaput. Long story short, I know more about India than I had ever thought I would (8 hours with tech support) and I vowed it would be the last Windows based computer I would buy. So, Ron took that to heart and surprised me with this. It's a learning curve, and most of my software needs to be replaced, but so far, so good. Thank you Mr. Jobs.

Our wishes are for everyone to have a very healthy happy and SAFE New Year's. Hopefully 2007 will be everything you dream it will be.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Polar Bear Mom!

Have to note here - when your child scores a goal, you are required to don the "Polar Bear Hat" until another child scores a goal. The hat actually belongs to another mom on the team - Jessie Sheehan. It is really her youngest son's hat, but she brought it to a game and the tradition began. Our goal is to have every parent wear the hat before the year ends!

Thanksgiving Tourney Champs

Kyle - Thanksgiving Tourney