Saturday, June 25, 2005

Summer, summer, summer

Sitting here at my newly formatted computer that I spent the last 3 days trying to make happy again. Now I'm wishing I'd paid more attention all those years in school. Oh yeah, we didn't have computers back then. Hahahaha.

Ron is actually away on a trip this weekend. He got nailed with a 4 day for the first time in months. Poor thing sounds exhausted when he calls. The life of leisure is over for now.

Kyle is bored to tears. It's a good thing though. He's spending lots of time swimming, playing with the pups, and being lobotomized by video games. But he's relaxing. And that's something we haven't done a lot of in ages.

It's been beastly hot here, for those of you that don't watch the national weather. We've got fires burning all over the state, but fortunately, right now, none of them are affecting our properties. Keep your eyes on the forests, though. If one starts in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest, we may be in trouble. We were spared 3 years ago by the Rodeo-Chediski (which burned nearly 3/4 of a million acres of forestland) and we're hoping we'll be spared this year as well. We just have to patiently wait for the monsoon season to come and bring us some rain. It's been over 60 days since we've seen much precip.

Nana & Pa are doing well. Pa had cataract surgery and is recovering. He'll have the second eye done in August, and then he'll be good as new.

The pups are good. Rotten little monsters dug a huge hole in the backyard this morning, which I must go fill. Also, are still tearing up the back lawn piece by piece. No need to dethatch the lawn this year - pups are taking care of it for us.

Joe has learned to retrieve the tennis ball from the pool. Big, brave dog jumps off the first step and swims all over now. Snoopy is not so brave. He's still hanging on the top step, avoiding any of us that want to pull him in further. I did get him in the other day, and Joe promptly jumped in and tried to drown Snoopy. Guess Joe doesn't want to share the "giant water dish."

Our trainer informed us that our pups are entering "toddlerhood or the terrible twos." Really. I never would have known. With their success at being potty trained, Ron gave them the run of the house, somewhat supervised. They did spend a couple of night sleeping in our room quite successfully, but they've also managed to rid us of some drywall that they thought we didn't need. Didn't know gypsum tasted good.

So, life is actually pretty quiet here right now. Probably shouldn't have said that. Now it's bound to change! LOL

Pictures to follow of the boys newfound swimming abilities.

Friday, June 17, 2005

4 month puppy visit

The pups went for their 4 month visit on Tuesday. They now both weigh right around 25 pounds. Getting so big! They are halfway to their adult weight! The vet says that they are very healthy pups. Their legs are all gangly right now. They have had all their puppy shots, and now we move on to the snipping!

Last night they slept in our room on the floor for the first time. What a big treat for all. They had a little trouble settling in, but then slept. They got up at some point during the night to go out to potty all by themselves! It was a huge step. They even slept in this morning when it was light. When I got up, they got up! Amazing. Big progress in the puppy world.

We've been giving them full-house priveleges too. They've had the run of the house when we're home all week. I think they're doing well. No accidents. We are still trying to control the chewing though. And they still think they can steal anything they want to play with or chew. But they are turning into real dogs right before our eyes.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer is here

Well, the temperatures have finally decided to behave more like summer around here. We're supposed to be in the 100s all week. It has been really nice up till now, though.

Kyle played in his first summer golf tourney this morning. He did great. Shot a 47 (par 36) and finished 6 out of 7. The winner shot a 36, with 3 birdies. Pretty amazing for a 10 year old. Kyle had fun and made some new friends. It's going to be a good experience for him. Ron & his dad went to watch, but no spectators are allowed on the course. Probably not a bad thing. Might make the kids more nervous - and you know sports parents!

Spent last Weds-Sat up at the cabin. The cabin is fine. Weather up there was cool - actually needed sweaters at night. Rather windy for June. Kyle, Ron & Walt (Ron's dad) played golf up there on Friday. Nana (Mary, Ron's mom) and I hung out at the cabin with the pups and were lazy. That's my favorite thing to do up there. The puppies had fun - enjoyed their yard, but seemed to miss home. Especially the doggie door. They loved being able to run upstairs and down at will, and play on the carpet in Kyle's loft. Both dogs made it to the cabin without getting carsick, but someone got carsick on the way home. We'll never know. But they definitely needed their baths when they got home. YUCK!

They go for their last puppy vet visit tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how much they weigh now. Also, almost time for the "snipping." They're eating like pigs and growing like weeds. Puppy classes are fine, although last week Snoopy didn't want to participate. Both boys have figured out that they're Border Collies and spend playtime trying to herd the rest of the pups. It's comical. Only 5 more weeks of puppy school. Wonder if they'll graduate...

Ron's vacation will end tomorrow. It was a pretty good week. He played a bunch of golf, took the boat out a couple of times and spent time up at the cabin. No big vacations planned this year, we're going to hang out here and the cabin with the pups. If you feel like visiting, you know where to find us!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kyle and the tournament director, after being awarded the Gold Medal at the Grand Canyon State Games in April, 2005 Posted by Hello

Kyle's Golf Career & 05 Summer Tourney Schedule

Kyle played in his first two tournaments last summer at his golf clinic. The first was the parent/child tourney, which he played in with his grandfather. I think they came in 3rd in their division. The second was the end of season tourney. They played in their summer clinic divisions. Kyle was in the "red" (highest) division, and finished first by one stroke. He beat out both the club pros' kids, and a 15 year old. Beginner's luck or the start of something?

Our first tournament this year was the Grand Canyon State Games (the state Olympics) in April. He finished first in the 9-10 division. He was a little nervous, after not having played all hockey season, but had a great time and learned what it is like to play in a "real" tournament. We even had a rain delay (for a serious thunderstorm that moved through.) He had to keep score for himself and one other player in his foursome, plus they had a scorekeeper with them. At the end of the round, they had to go to the scorer's table to verify their scores and sign their cards. Just like the pros!

Kyle will be playing on two golf tours this summer, the Southwest Section PGA Antigua Junior Tour, Red Mountain division and the Junior Golf Association of Arizona, Boys Golf Club. Spectators are welcome at both tours, if you want to watch. It's really fun to see the kids play. His schedule is:

6/13, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Las Colinas Golf Club in Queen Creek, tee time 7:16am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 47 (par 36), finished 6/7
6/20, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Leisure World Golf Course in Mesa, tee time 7:32am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 51 (par 36), finished tied for 4th
6/27, JGAA/BGC Mesa Championship at Dobson Ranch Golf Club in Mesa
Score: 35 (for 6 holes from the forward tees), finished 2nd
7/11, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Viewpoint Golf Club in Mesa, tee time 7:48am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 51, finished 2nd
7/18, SWSPGA Junior Tour at Mountainbrook Golf Club in Gold Canyon, tee time 7:16am (no spectators allowed)
Score: 40, finished 1st!
7/25, JGAA/BGC Summer Classic at Riverview Golf Course in Mesa
10/8, JGAA/BGC Halloween Howl

As he plays these tourneys, I will post his results & standings. If you want to attend any of these tourneys as a spectator, I will try to remember to post his starting times - or you can email me a couple days before and I'll send you the starting times.