Monday, July 18, 2005

Where does the time go???

I am trying to remember to post every week, but the time just slips by...

Kyle played in his final PGA Junior Tournament for the summer this morning. Took him all summer, but he shot a 40 for 9 holes and won! A great way to culminate the summer season. He still has a few tournaments left, but the PGA tournaments were the tough ones. We're very proud of him.

The pups are HUGE. They're not really pups anymore. They're more like dogs. Big teeth and everything. I actually was able to retrieve two of Joe's puppy teeth for the scrapbook. Still don't have any of Snoopy's though.

The cabin went up for sale on Saturday. After 5 wonderful years, we've decided to try to sell. When we originally bought it, we were the only house in 40 acres. We did have two neighbors to the north of us, but no one to block our view to the south. We built with that in mind. Well, in the past 3 years, more and more houses have gone up around us. We no longer have a view of the meadow, but of houses. It is still a beautiful area, but it is time for us to move on. We don't know if we'll buy something else up there, or wait for closer to Ron's retirement to pick a location. We are so busy now with Kyle, plus we have the boat, and it's always a struggle to get up there. It would be nice for someone else to enjoy.

School starts next Wednesday for Kyle. Hard to believe our summer break is nearly over. I think it's time. I'm definitely not looking forward to the alarm clock or homework, but we'll survive.

Friday, July 08, 2005

muddy noses

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Check out the muddy noses on these two.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what they've been up to?  Do the guilty faces say anything?


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Mom getting hugs from the Snooper first thing in the morning.  He is my huggy boy.

Pool Boys

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This picture gives new meaning to "pool boys."

Joey - King of the Pool

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This would be Joey - once he's found his way onto the float!

July and it's hot!

Hi. It's steamy hot here. 112 and hopefully the monsoon is approaching. Everything is quite toasty out there.

Spent last weekend at the cabin. As usual Heber put on its 4th Celebration with a fireworks show. It was a good show and the weather was great. There was a fire just west of Heber, but fortunately the Forest Service got it under control overnight, so there was no need to worry.

Kyle had the week off from golf. No tournaments, no clinics. We went out and played 9 yesterday, though, to prep him for Monday's tournament. Ron bought him a new set of Nike irons on Wednesday, so we needed to try them out. He played great - shooting a 44 from the forward tees. That's 8 over par. Not bad for a 10 year old. I played for the first time since last fall, and things hurt today that I forgot I had. No score posting for me. I don't keep track. If I make contact with the ball and it goes more than a few yards a shot, I'm happy!

I've listed Kyle's scores from the 1st 3 tournaments on that particular post. I am happy to say that in the last tournament, Kyle placed 2nd! He was beat by a score of 26 (for 6 holes) and that was put up by a teenager. Kyle was very happy to take second and a nice trophy.

The pups are great. Getting so big you can't imagine. Joe is now swimming to the float and then climbing up and floating around. He loves to retrieve balls in the pool. Snoopy is still water shy and will only retrieve balls from the top step. I have video of Joe in the pool. As soon as I figure out how to upload it to the web, I'll post the site.

Nothing new on the AWA/US Air merger, but we'll keep you posted on that as well. For now, Ron continues to fly the 737. He's on reserve (call-out) and loving it. Many days a month go by with his getting paid to watch golf on TV and do the yard work. Kyle thinks the life of an airline pilot is awesome - yet he wasn't around or doesn't remember the years leading up to this life of leisure.

School starts for Kyle in a mere 3 weeks. The summer goes so fast and it's hard to believe he'll be starting 6th grade. He'll have the same teacher as last year, which he's looking forward to. This will be his last year at Edu-Prize if he gets into Surrey Garden. If not, then he'll do junior high at Edu-Prize and we'll worry about high school later. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said for Surrey Garden. It's a very small private school near us, and we would love for Kyle to go there. He's excited because they have a golf team.

That's all for now. Stay cool and safe and enjoy what's left of your summer.