Monday, July 13, 2009

What kind of blogger am I?

May 9th? Last post was May 9th? Ugh. Gotta get on it.

Summer has arrived here in Gilbert, after a LOVELY June, we're getting the June temps now. Guess that means the monsoon will arrive sometime in August, and likely we'll have the a/c on well into October this year. Gotta pay for that wonderful June weather.

We did a maiden voyage with the boat back in June. Got about halfway back on the lake when we blew a main water hose.

Some really nice people towed us back to the dock. Had to hand load the boat back onto the trailer and head down to the marine repair we use. Ordered a new hose. All is well now.

Took the boat out on 7/5 to Roosevelt Lake with the Swansons. It was such fun. Tied the boats together and floated in the water for hours.

Captain Ron at the helm of the Burkovich boat

The look you get when you try to take too many pictures of your teenager.

These were my adorable 4th of July toes that were ruined once I went waterskiing.

This was the other teenage boy on the trip, the birthday boy, Steven.

We skiied, wakeboarded, tubed, swam, ate, drank and had a really great time. Unfortunately Roosevelt is 90 minutes away, up several steep passes that Ron's truck didn't enjoy. Otherwise I could see myself there EVERY week. My sunburned shoulders might disagree.

In other belated news....

Kyle ended up with a B in math during summer school. It was a long 4 weeks for him, but he did well, and mom is proud. He never whined once.

Snoopy and Joe are thoroughly enjoying that Ron took down all the fencing in the backyard, so now they can swim whenever they please. Mom is not enjoying all the water on the floors all the time. Fair warning - watch your step when you visit.

Ron has been enjoying lots of time off (actually called "reserve" days.)

So far a good summer had by all.