Monday, June 21, 2010

And it's only summer now......

Wow. Time flies, eh? Said RIP to the bird and apparently RIP to the blog too. Cause I haven't posted in MONTHS.

News from the first half of 2010...

Finished up yet another hockey season. Already done with tryouts for the next one. Kyle keeps saying this is his last year, but we shall see. We have 9 months of hockey ahead of us.

Ron is still flying for US Air. He virtually had the entire first 3 months of 2010 off work. Didn't fly much at all. But he's made up for it since April. It's good. We like knowing he still remembers how to fly the airplane.

I'm still knitting. Finally finished that orange sweater I'd started in spring of 2009. Well, sort of. It's wearable, but I'm not convinced I won't rip out the seams and resew it at some point. Just got my custom order of yarn from Gherkin's Bucket.Tell me that's not pretty stuff? Krysten is amazing. The yarn sits here, awaiting the perfect sweater pattern. Might be a while, cause I'm still enjoying looking at just the pile of yarn.

Winter left and summer has arrived. We've been lucky up to this point that it hasn't been brutally hot - however, that will change this week with the arrival of 110+ temps.

I joined 24 Hour Fitness, as I wanted to continue running/walking, but just can't do it in the heat (okay, I could wake up earlier, but really? I like my sleep.) Plus, a bonus is the twice weekly yoga classes with Kayla, that so far, I've only made once.

Kyle is DRIVING. Beware world. Another teenager on the road. He got his permit on April Fool's Day (the only fools were his parents for letting him get his permit!) He will officially be allowed to test for his license on October 1st. For now, he drives with mom, who is trying to learn not to grab the wheel or scream; and dad, who is patient to the point of almost letting Kyle get in an accident or get a ticket. But it's all good. Overall he is a good driver and a good kid.

So that's it from the hot spot. I will try to remember that this blog is not buried and post once in a while.