Thursday, July 08, 2010


Another year, another Twilight movie with the Yarnies. What could be funnier than 8 grown women (with kids of their own) going to see a tween movie and squealing like tweens? We are dweebs. Or as Mands calls us "dorks in Forks."

But it was awesome. Faves....
  • Sitting next to Gherkin and watching her curl up in a ball and cover her eyes whenever Robert Pattinson was on the screen.
  • Hearing Kitteh yell, "oh baby" when Taylor Lautner is shown shirtless for the first time.
  • The fact that as old as we are, we could sit there entranced like tweens for the full 124 minutes of the movie and still be wishing for more when it was over.
  • That we are already planning for November 2011 when the next Twilight movie is released.
An entertaining lunch followed at PF Changs. Egg drop soup anyone?