Friday, June 17, 2005

4 month puppy visit

The pups went for their 4 month visit on Tuesday. They now both weigh right around 25 pounds. Getting so big! They are halfway to their adult weight! The vet says that they are very healthy pups. Their legs are all gangly right now. They have had all their puppy shots, and now we move on to the snipping!

Last night they slept in our room on the floor for the first time. What a big treat for all. They had a little trouble settling in, but then slept. They got up at some point during the night to go out to potty all by themselves! It was a huge step. They even slept in this morning when it was light. When I got up, they got up! Amazing. Big progress in the puppy world.

We've been giving them full-house priveleges too. They've had the run of the house when we're home all week. I think they're doing well. No accidents. We are still trying to control the chewing though. And they still think they can steal anything they want to play with or chew. But they are turning into real dogs right before our eyes.

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