Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer is here

Well, the temperatures have finally decided to behave more like summer around here. We're supposed to be in the 100s all week. It has been really nice up till now, though.

Kyle played in his first summer golf tourney this morning. He did great. Shot a 47 (par 36) and finished 6 out of 7. The winner shot a 36, with 3 birdies. Pretty amazing for a 10 year old. Kyle had fun and made some new friends. It's going to be a good experience for him. Ron & his dad went to watch, but no spectators are allowed on the course. Probably not a bad thing. Might make the kids more nervous - and you know sports parents!

Spent last Weds-Sat up at the cabin. The cabin is fine. Weather up there was cool - actually needed sweaters at night. Rather windy for June. Kyle, Ron & Walt (Ron's dad) played golf up there on Friday. Nana (Mary, Ron's mom) and I hung out at the cabin with the pups and were lazy. That's my favorite thing to do up there. The puppies had fun - enjoyed their yard, but seemed to miss home. Especially the doggie door. They loved being able to run upstairs and down at will, and play on the carpet in Kyle's loft. Both dogs made it to the cabin without getting carsick, but someone got carsick on the way home. We'll never know. But they definitely needed their baths when they got home. YUCK!

They go for their last puppy vet visit tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how much they weigh now. Also, almost time for the "snipping." They're eating like pigs and growing like weeds. Puppy classes are fine, although last week Snoopy didn't want to participate. Both boys have figured out that they're Border Collies and spend playtime trying to herd the rest of the pups. It's comical. Only 5 more weeks of puppy school. Wonder if they'll graduate...

Ron's vacation will end tomorrow. It was a pretty good week. He played a bunch of golf, took the boat out a couple of times and spent time up at the cabin. No big vacations planned this year, we're going to hang out here and the cabin with the pups. If you feel like visiting, you know where to find us!

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