Saturday, June 25, 2005

Summer, summer, summer

Sitting here at my newly formatted computer that I spent the last 3 days trying to make happy again. Now I'm wishing I'd paid more attention all those years in school. Oh yeah, we didn't have computers back then. Hahahaha.

Ron is actually away on a trip this weekend. He got nailed with a 4 day for the first time in months. Poor thing sounds exhausted when he calls. The life of leisure is over for now.

Kyle is bored to tears. It's a good thing though. He's spending lots of time swimming, playing with the pups, and being lobotomized by video games. But he's relaxing. And that's something we haven't done a lot of in ages.

It's been beastly hot here, for those of you that don't watch the national weather. We've got fires burning all over the state, but fortunately, right now, none of them are affecting our properties. Keep your eyes on the forests, though. If one starts in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest, we may be in trouble. We were spared 3 years ago by the Rodeo-Chediski (which burned nearly 3/4 of a million acres of forestland) and we're hoping we'll be spared this year as well. We just have to patiently wait for the monsoon season to come and bring us some rain. It's been over 60 days since we've seen much precip.

Nana & Pa are doing well. Pa had cataract surgery and is recovering. He'll have the second eye done in August, and then he'll be good as new.

The pups are good. Rotten little monsters dug a huge hole in the backyard this morning, which I must go fill. Also, are still tearing up the back lawn piece by piece. No need to dethatch the lawn this year - pups are taking care of it for us.

Joe has learned to retrieve the tennis ball from the pool. Big, brave dog jumps off the first step and swims all over now. Snoopy is not so brave. He's still hanging on the top step, avoiding any of us that want to pull him in further. I did get him in the other day, and Joe promptly jumped in and tried to drown Snoopy. Guess Joe doesn't want to share the "giant water dish."

Our trainer informed us that our pups are entering "toddlerhood or the terrible twos." Really. I never would have known. With their success at being potty trained, Ron gave them the run of the house, somewhat supervised. They did spend a couple of night sleeping in our room quite successfully, but they've also managed to rid us of some drywall that they thought we didn't need. Didn't know gypsum tasted good.

So, life is actually pretty quiet here right now. Probably shouldn't have said that. Now it's bound to change! LOL

Pictures to follow of the boys newfound swimming abilities.

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