Friday, August 22, 2008

Cutest model ever?

Snoopy's scarf
Is he? When I posted this pic on Ravelry for my FO, that was the response I got. He is pretty darn cute, in my opinion. Even cuter in my newly finished ruffled scarf!

Also recently finished, chunky mittens to match the scarf. They are a bit long in the hand portion. But they'll do nicely for hockey.

On the needles? Still working on Christmas stuff - gifts, gifts, gifts. And for mindless knitting time, I'm working on another bag. Might be a gift. Might be for me.

Other than knitting talk...

Kyle is finishing up his second full week of high school. So far it's going okay. PE is a bear. Some nights he has no homework, other nights it seems the teachers all conspire to send homework home. Last night he had oodles. He has been riding the bus, and while he doesn't love it, I think it's not so bad. His 14th birthday is rapidly approaching. Next Wednesday.

Had his first hockey scrimmage last Saturday. He did well. Had a couple of great shots. Was able to keep up with the competition - thanks Gayle! Have two more scrimmages this weekend, then Labor Day weekend we play in a local tournament.

Ron will be bringing Nana back here on Sunday. She's had a nice stay in California but is ready to be back in AZ. Her house is scheduled to be finished and keys in her hand on October 2nd.

Me? Just plugging along....

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Jules said...

So what are you knitting for Christmas gifts?? Email me since I'm sure it's secretive!;)lol Glad school is going well. ALWAYS a relief. Have fun with Nana!! So jealous you're getting so much accomplished. Although, I've knit 4 hats since last Friday!:) Yea me!!