Monday, August 11, 2008

First week down

So Kyle finished his first "week" of high school. He said it was mostly boring. Rules, paperwork, all that kind of stuff. PE on Friday was the first time he dressed out. When we went to open house, the PE instructors warned that this was "not a regular boys PE class" and that it would be "physically & mentally challenging." Between PE Friday, off-ice training & practice on Saturday, Kyle had a tough time walking on Sunday. And he gets to do PE 5 times this week!

He likes his biology teacher best. His English teacher plays hockey. His math teacher is brand new and very cute (he didn't say that, but I'm sure he's thinking it.) French is French. He's enjoying drawing in Art.

Rode the bus to school on Friday after mom drove the first two days, sat in horrible traffic, and refused to drive ever again. He said the bus is okay. Hot. Ron drove him this morning, but he's bussing it home.

In other news, I finished up another pair of socks. Yay! That's 3 complete pairs now. I'm so proud. I bought yarn to make Ron 3 pair of socks for Christmas. Problem is he has to wear black to work, so I have to knit 3 pair of all black socks. Ugh.

Snoopy is hanging in there. His nose seems to be cooler, but he's still got the labored breathing thing going. I'm really hoping we'll see some improvement with that soon.

Oh yeah, and I go back to work for Storables on 8/21. Exciting stuff!

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Jules said...

How often will you work?