Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kyle's return to hockey

About two weeks ago, Kyle informed us that he missed hockey. He wanted to start playing again. As it is the middle of the season for everyone, I didn't know if this was possible, but I made some phone calls, and a very accomodating hockey director made room for him on a house team.

Kyle had his first practice last night in a brand new pair of skates with a brand new stick. He seemed to have a blast, and noted that he worked harder last night than he had all last season. It was great fun to watch him skate again. He knows lots of kids on the team and appeared to be enjoying their company. His coach is terrific - very friendly, hockey knowledgable, and fair. He was so welcoming to Kyle and me. We are looking forward to the rest of this season. It should be fun.

His remaining game schedule is posted below. I will try to remember to post the results and Kyle's stats.

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