Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snoopy Update

As I sit here trying to think, while listening to the dogs wrestle in the bedroom next to me, I realize that I haven't updated since Snoopy's vet visit on Tuesday.

Snoopy went back in to the surgeon on Tuesday, 12/6, to have his sutures (staples) removed. He was such a good boy. Very excited to go to the office, until Holly came out to get him. Then he wanted to be sure that I would go with him. He wasn't going back through that door without me again.

He was weighed and gained 1.2 pounds during his 10 day rehab! As soon as he's able, we'll have to get him back exercising regularly!

It took Holly all of a minute to remove his staples. He was better about the staple removal than having his temperature taken. She said his incision looked great. Then Dr. Dixon came in to say that as long as he's doing fine, he doesn't need to see him again or re-xray. However, we are to still keep his activity level down (yeah, right) and rest him if he starts to limp.

So Snoopy is doing pretty well. We did have a scare on Wednesday night when he jumped off the couch and bumped his left shoulder into the corner of the coffee table. Ouch. He didn't move for a little while. Took some Rimadyl and napped. Then he was okay.

Then we had a scare with Joey yesterday. I thought I'd give them some freedom in the backyard since Noo can go in the pool again. They've been restricted from the pool/lawn area since Noo's surgery. Well, not 3 minutes after letting them out there, JOE came in limping pretty badly. I don't know what he did, but he was favoring his back leg (couldn't tell which even after examining both.) Gave them both Rimadyl and closed the gate. No yard privileges for them!

The Christmas tree is surviving the boys so far. No ornaments on the bottom 2 feet, and Joe seems to think that leaning against the tree is great fun. Not to mention wrestling underneath it. But there are no breakable ornaments on there (well, no glass ones anyway) and the tree is still standing.

No there will be no presents underneath the tree this year. We will have to find a much safer place to keep them.

Happy happy and Merry merry!

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