Monday, September 05, 2005

September update

I am always amazed when I hop on here and realize another month has passed without an update. Life seems to zoom by too quickly these days.

Have spent the last week glued to the TV along with the rest of America, watching the Katrina disaster in the south. I have many internet friends in that region, and I am happy that all are okay now. They were able to get out (or stay in my crazy friend Lee's case!) and all have homes to go home to at some point. I was concerned about the humans, but now have really focused on all the poor animals that were left behind. Shelters would not allow the evacuees to bring their animals with them, and many were forced to leave their animals behind. Just now the rescue of those animals is beginning. One of my internet friends posted about a shelter outside of N.O. that normally houses 50 animals and now has over 300 with more coming in all the time. If you are giving to the cause down there, please think about the animal organizations as well. They are desperately in need of help.

Otherwise, life goes on here. The pups have passed the 6 month milestone (8/21) and were neutered. Both did just fine with the surgery and recovery. Like nothing ever happened. In fact, the office told me that they would probably need at least 24 hours of down time to recover from the surgery. No such luck. Within 2 hours of my bringing them home, they were racing around here like little demons again. Snoopy weighed about 35 pounds and Joe almost 40 at 6 months. They are tall & gangly and cute and sweet. They make us laugh constantly and are a huge source of joy around here.

Kyle has made it halfway through his first quarter of school. He's doing very well - his teacher told him last week that he sets a great example for the 5th graders in his class. He seems to be enjoying his last year of grade school.

Kyle's 11th birthday came on 8/27. We had a party for him (the first since he turned 6!) at an indoor amusement center called Amazing Jakes. It was amazing. He invited 10 friends (6 came to the party) and they spent the evening eating, driving go-karts, playing games & bowling. They had a blast. From the generosity of his friends & family, he purchased himself an iPod and a new golf bag for his birthday. He is a very lucky little boy.

I spent a week redoing his bedroom to make it more "grown-up." Out went all the hockey bedding and curtains and decor. He now has a much more streamlined room with an entertainment wall and a desk. He is turning into a teenager before our very eyes. Scary.

Our cabin sold last month, and we close escrow this week. An era has passed with our having two homes, but it was time to move on. We had a huge yard sale up there to clear it out. After being up in Heber for 5 years and knowing no one, we met some really nice people at the yard sale. It was fun and successful. The cabin is now empty and awaiting its new owners. We will miss it, but look forward to the next purchase, which hopefully will be our last, and the home we will retire to.

Pa (Ron's dad, Walt) had his second cataract surgery the end of August as well. He is doing great now and can see well for the first time in ages. The surgery prompted a visit from Aunt Shirley which was loads of fun. She got to come to Kyle's party and we took her out on the boat one afternoon. It was great to have her here.

Until next month...

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