Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ACK! It's been almost two months!!!

I know I say this every time, but where does the time go??? I can't believe I last posted over a month ago (and nearly two!)

The boys turned 8 months on 10/21. They are monsters. Joe is the longest tallest BC I've ever seen. I'm sure it doesn't help that he's a short hair. He's funny. All gangly and awkward. He has some coordination troubles :-)

Snoopy is about the size of Toosox now, though not the weight. He is truly a pretty boy. His coat has come in so beautifully. He loves to catch the ball in mid-air. He's also more and more a momma's boy. Sometimes not even letting me up. He'll climb all over me to prevent my moving!

Kyle's finished his first quarter of school, had a two week break and went back just Monday. He's doing fine. He played in a golf tournament earlier this month. He had 7 good holes and two horrendous ones. Oh well, you learn from the horrendous ones. He had fun though. He's still taking golf lessons weekly and can almost hit the ball as far as his dad now.

Kyle has also started guitar lessons. He seems to be enjoying them immensely. It is electric guitar, but so far he hasn't blasted us out of the house. I suppose those days are yet to come.

Ron is at the golf course as we speak. He's playing lots of golf and enjoying his reserve schedule. More often than not he doesn't get called in, so he gets to spend lots of time with all of us and the golf course.

The puppies have been a constant source of entertainment. There was the night I found them unraveling the sweater I had been working on. There was the time they decided the pillow on the futon in our bedroom needed to be disciplined - to the merriment of all. Our bedroom carpet appeared to be covered in white clouds - stuffing everywhere! They delight in wrestling at 2 am or playing ball or whatever happens to be their whim on that particular night.

They also enjoy the dog park. We've been trying to go at least 3 mornings a week. They aren't much interested in the other dogs, they just love to have all that space to play ball. They run and run until they drop. Then they come home for a swim to cool off. And they sleep the remainder of the day. No mischief when they're asleep!

We've had lots of visitors this past month as well. First were the Fergusons - Adam, Kristine & Taylor and Ryan and his girlfriend Carrie. It was awesome to get to meet Carrie and hang out with her. She's really a terrific person. Taylor keeps getting bigger and bigger! She's precious. And funny. She absolutely loved her cousin Kyle. I enjoyed hanging out with all of them. It's nice to see everyone.

The next visit came from Kim's friend Sue from Boston. She brought lots of treats for all, and taught us how to make cannoli. Yummy! It was wonderful that she took the time to come hang out with us for a few days. We don't get to see her enough.

Last was a visit from Michael Stiteler and his fiance Alicia. That was awesome. She is making such a wonderful addition to our family. Michael is very lucky (and so is Alicia.) It was great that they could make the trip down here to meet all of us, but especially to spend time with Nana & Pa. We're looking forward to the wedding!

That's all from the house of Border Collie. Picture to be posted of all very soon!

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