Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August, and the weather is sultry

It must be August. My hair is curling and the sweat is pouring. The good thing about August in Phoenix is the drop in temperatures. The bad thing is the rise in humidity. Of course, when we actually get rain it's wonderful. But the steamy days are rather uncomfortable.

The other good thing about August is back to school. Kyle has now been in school 2 full weeks. He seems to be enjoying it and excelling at it. This time last year we were struggling with the workload, but this year he seems to be taking it all in stride, turning in assignments on time and actually doing his homework without being reminded. 6th grade is a big change.

The pups were neutered last Tuesday. They both did fine with the surgery and the day away from mom. In fact, I wasn't sure that Joe was going to come home. When we tried to leave the vets office, he kept going back! They were a little out of it for the day, but back to their bouncy selves by the next morning. However, they are having issues with not being allowed on the lawn or in the pool. One more week, then the sutures come out and they can have their normal puppy life back.

Joe is now almost 40 pounds!!! Snoopy around 35. They are BIG BIG boys. They've reached adolescence. All leggy and gangly. Very cute. They are active as ever, if not more. And they are still very loving too.

We crossed a big milestone in our lives as well. Our cabin is in escrow with a possible close date at the end of August. After 5 wonderful years, we have decided that it is time to let someone else enjoy it. With Kyle's schedule, and Ron's, we just don't have as much time as we used to be able to spend up there. I think we've averaged maybe 30 days a year up there these last 2 years. Even this summer, with no commitments, we've only been up 3 times. So it's time.

More new pics of the boys posted, so you can see how much all 3 of them have changed. Hope all is well in your lives too.

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