Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday, still in jammies, recap

Have I ever mentioned that I have foot-in-mouth syndrome? Just always seems that I happen to say the wrong thing to the wrong person (or would that be the wrong thing to the right person?) Thought I'd mention here and hope that for all of you out there that I happen to do this to, I apologize. I tend to say too much sometimes, but I really don't mean any harm. Okay, sometimes I do, but you'll know if I do.

So, we got my mother-in-law all moved out of her house and into ours, temporarily. In a few weeks, I'll drive Nana out to Palm Springs for a nice stay with Aunt Shirley. I will continue on to Los Angeles, for the first time in 8 years. Been too long, and too many people to try to see in just a few days. If you read this, know I'm coming, and get in touch with me!

Joe has recovered completely from his dental cleaning. His teeth are so beautiful now, they make Snoopy's look awful. Just need to come up with another $350 for Snoopy to have a pretty smile too. Both boys are doing great, swimming everyday.

Kyle is now officially no longer an 8th grader. He had a promotion ceremony and received a certificate to allow him to attend high school. His report card came yesterday, and we were happy to see he did just fine. (There was some question earlier in the semester.) While he's not a NJHS student, I think he's doing great.

He's deep into summer hockey - lessons with Gayle, pond hockey at Arcadia, and occasional practices with his team. He's also been spending as much time as possible at the skate park. On June 8th he'll fly to Bakersfield, CA to spend a week at Woodward West. Woodward is every X-Games kid's dream. Hopefully he'll remember to shower at least once this year.

We're still in airline hell. But the paychecks keep coming, so we don't complain too much.

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