Friday, June 13, 2008

Knitting fool

Kyle left for camp last Sunday. A whole week at Woodward West with his hockey teammates - 5 of them, Michael C, Tyler K, Josh D & Jimmy C. He and Jimmy flew together, alone, up to Bakersfield where the camp picked them up. They've had a week of skateboarding, bowling, no sleeping, no showering, eating whatever they want when they want, no moms telling them what to do. However, they must shower tonight before trying to board the airplane tomorrow. That was the deal.

Talked to him today for only the 2nd time all week. He sounded exhausted. But he has the rest of the summer to recover.

I did miss him. It's funny when he's here I might not even cross paths with him for hours at a time, but I know when he's gone. It will be good to give him a hug tomorrow when he gets off the plane (provided he has showered as agreed upon.)

While he's been away, I've been a knitting fool. I'm going to LA next week (after I drop Nana in Palm Springs for her extended stay) and decided I needed to come with gifts. Only two, but I had to brainstorm for two knitted gifts that wouldn't take long to knit, but would be useful and liked. I think I came up with two good ones for the two people I'm seeing. I would post now, but you never know if they'll be looking. I'll post when I get home. For those of you with Ravelry, you can check them out on my projects page. I should have pictures posted later today.

Kim M (Kim-kitty) and I went up to Jessica Knits yesterday for the first time. What a great store! So much stuff and so well organized and labeled. It was a treat. I bought some Rowan Big Wool - for what, I don't know - and some Filatura sock yarn. Oh, and a skein of Noro for one of the gifts, which after knitting I decided I will keep, as I don't think the colorway suits the giftee.

Then we stopped at Tempe Yarn & Fiber to pick up yarn for my next big project, a new purse. I'm hoping I can cast-on before I leave, so it will give me something to work on in LA. If not, I'll take my current socks. Anyway, TY&F was a blast as usual. Everyone helping me choose my yarns and offering wonderful advice.

So, I did take a bit of advantage of no kid for the week.

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