Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr. Stinky Butt

This blog was originally conceived as a way to document the first year of my life with our new puppies, Snoopy & Joe. Any person crazy enough to bring home Border Collie littermates, 7 weeks old, should know better than to think she'd have time to write about them regularly. But I did, and I do, well, not as often anymore. But since this blog was originally about them, here is a post dedicated to Snoopy, aka Mr. Stinky Butt.

Snoopy is a butt dragger (or butt surfer as my friend Kim calls it.) Once or twice a day, Snoopy will be seen scooting along the floor (carpeted, of course) on his butt. With reminders that our carpet is not his personal toilet paper, Snoopy continues to butt drag.

Friday his butt dragging reached a feverish pitch as he was doing it constantly. When he wasn't dragging, he was sitting on it. And as quickly as possible. This can only mean a couple of things, a) he's got something stuck to his butt or b) his butt itches. Fortunately for me, it wasn't a. When checked it was pretty darn red, so I put some ointment on it (a dog mom will do anything for her fur kids) and hoped for the best. Also let Ron know that if the scooting continued, he was to take Noo to the vet while I was gone this week.

But Saturday morning dawned, and Snoopy's butt was still red and still irritated. On the chance that this might be the one Saturday a month that the vet was in the office, I called. Sure enough they were there but booked solid all day. AAAGGGHHH. Holly must have sensed the panic in my voice, because she said, "If you can get here quickly, we'll squeeze you in now." I was in the car in 5 minutes and there in fewer than 10.

Nothing seriously wrong with Mr. Noo other than needing his anal glands (aka marking glands, yes like a skunks) expressed. Given that they're like a skunks, you can only imagine what this must smell like. The vet was kind enough to ask if I was interested in learning how to do it myself. hahahahhaaha Oh, no, thanks. I'll gladly pay you to do it!

Snoopy actually seemed to enjoy the process and is now scooting-free! Not a scoot in 2 days. Of course, I think the back of my car still stinks a bit.

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