Thursday, May 08, 2008

Going green, a bit at a time

So I swore off plastic grocery bags last week. No more. I bought a set of bags at Costco to add to my set from Trader Joes, and I am trying to remember to bring my bags in to every store. Problem is I keep forgetting. I guess in some ways this is good, as the exercise of walking back to my car to get them is always helpful. But in some it's bad, because if I'm in Petco for one or two little things, I'm not going back to my car to get a huge grocery bag. There's the dilemma. When do you accept the awful plastic bag and when do you walk?

I'm in Safeway yesterday and I've forgotten my bags. Which means I have a cart full of groceries about to be taken home in plastic (the horror!!!) or I can walk back to my car to get my bags. I chose the second option. Would you believe the store clerk gave me hell because they weren't the SAFEWAY brand bags? I know he was only kidding around, but really. Here I am trying to do my part, he could at least be supportive. I guess it didn't help that the woman behind me was enraptured with my Costco generic bags. He told her where the Safeway ones were and she told him she wanted the Costco ones. oops.

I survived a bout with some sort of stomach virus this week. 3 days of hell, but 6 pounds lost! I'm trying to find the silver lining. I also decided to turn over a new leaf with the new stomach lining and try to eat better. Cook dinner every night and no more salami sandwiches (the last thing eaten prior to the virus taking hold.) Any good, healthy, easy recipes? Shove them my way.

Joe got his teeth cleaned and they are spectacular. Shiny and white and his breath even smells good. Not dog like at all. I highly recommend this procedure for happy companionship. Except now Snoopy's teeth look like hell in comparison and his breath is less than pleasant. Guess he's next.

Kyle has two more weeks of school. Then he's off to high school. When did this happen?

Have a great weekend.

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