Friday, May 23, 2008

Daypack complete!

Finished!!! The felted daypack is finished and stuffed and in use. I'm very proud of my bag, even though at times it was frustrating as all get out. Even the felting was a challenge. But now that it's assembled (with loads of changes to the original pattern) I'm very happy to be using it.

Have moved on to new and exciting projects from here. Frogged the socks I'd started. Found a single strand pattern, using worsted, that I will be casting on this weekend.

Am in the midst of doing a swiffer cover, in moss stitch, to wrap from front to back on the swiffer, rather than side to side. Will post when it's finished, I'm about 1/4 there right now.

It's been raining here since yesterday morning. Kyle had 8th grade promotion ceremonies at 8:30am yesterday, and the rain was kind enough to hold off until they were done. He is now officially finished with 8th grade. He did very well on all his finals and finished up with a high B average. Next stop, high school. Eeek.

So now we're on summer break. No early mornings (unless we want.) No schedule. He'll be off to summer camp at Woodward West in just a couple of weeks.

Nana's house should close escrow on 6/5, which means she's moving in here on 5/30 when the movers come to take all her stuff to storage. They still haven't broken ground on her new house, so it's unknown how long she's be "homeless" right now. She has plans to head out to Palm Springs as soon as she can, to stay with Aunt Shirley for the duration of the building process.

I'm just glad it's May & I'm in sweats. It's the little things I enjoy.

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