Saturday, May 17, 2008

Knitting socks & other frustrations

Before I get out my sock frustrations, let me say that Kyle had hockey tryouts last weekend, and yes he made the team again. No extra yarn money for me, but another exciting season of Bantam hockey down the road.

Now on to socks. Last weekend I braved it and started a pair of socks (Joan's Socks from the Lion Brand website.) After a time knitting, I noticed something looked wrong, and Kristin, bless her heart, took the time to figure out my mess & fix it.

So today Val & I went knitting (crocheting for Val) at the Agritopia Coffee House (if you haven't been there, you must. It's cute & has great food.) I worked on my socks. I finally got finished with the ribbing and was on to the stockinette. Figured out a few rows into it that I was inside out on the stitching. After some frustration, I also figured out that not only was I knitting in the wrong direction, but was holding the knitting wrong, hence the inside out. Not a problem, I could always turn them at some point, right? Then I remembered that I still had to decrease (since somehow I had ended up with too many stitches.) Somehow in the decrease I ended up with too many stitches on the wrong needles, etc etc. At that point it was time to come home.

Here I am with my sock nightmare, trying to decide whether to rip & start again with a different pattern, or to simply figure out where I went wrong and go on. Such decisions.

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