Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been running for years now. Not consistently, but on and off enough to consider myself a runner. Sometimes a walker, but mostly a runner. Or should I say jogger, since I never break 5.5mph? Anyway, the doctor once told me that I needed weight bearing exercise, so running is it.

But over the years I've also loved yoga. I started taking yoga about 8 years ago at the gym I belonged to. It was YogaFit, so it was more of a workout yoga than a meditation yoga, but it was good. I got flexible and strong. Then the gym closed and I didn't join another. Seemed silly to join a gym to run. I could do that outside.

Just over a year ago I got an ad for a special at 24 Hour Fitness by my house. I joined. It's impossible, nearly, to run outside here in the summer. You have to either get up before the birds or go out with the bats. Even then, it's hot. And in July & August, muggy beyond belief (well, for us Phoenicians, apparently we know nothing of real humidity.) So in the summer, now, I run at the gym, sans dogs, which is actually kind of mindless and nice.

Tuesday I decided to start taking yoga again. Ouch.

I went about a dozen times last year before my surgery, but never went back after surgery. Shame on me.

Yoga uses muscles you didn't even know you had. Trust me.

This came in my email yesterday and I thought I'd share. It's a great concept. I think I'll do it.

Why you should take the Plank A Day challenge |

Yoga is at 9:30. Must head out. Still have to run a mile or so before class.

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