Friday, July 22, 2011


I have 4 boys in my house (used to be 5 but the bird died.)  My husband (who qualifies as an overgrown boy)

Kyle (who is a man-boy now)

Snoopy and Joe (who are technically male even though they were neutered at 6 months.)

Boys like to fight.  Boys like to hurt one another.  Boys like to fall down and scrape their knees.  Boys are messy.  Boys.

Snoopy and Joe have visited the vet far too frequently for one checkbook.  Sometimes they visit cause they're sick.  Sometimes they visit cause they've fought.  Sometimes they visit cause they've played too hard.  This is the category our last vet visit falls into.

Snoopy has tender little feet.  Goes with his pretty face I suppose.  Everyone always thinks Snoopy is a girl, cause he's pretty.  No one ever thinks Joe is a girl.  Sorry Joe.

Summertime means a lot of swimming for our overactive Border Collies.  Snoopy has a penchant for sitting on the steps in the pool at all hours of the day and night.  This makes his pads really soft.  Then he runs like a lunatic around the pool chasing Joe.  This makes his very soggy pads tear into little pieces.  This makes mom have to take him to the vet to be fixed.

This makes Snoopy nervous.  This makes mom sad.  This makes dad angry because trips to the ER vet are not cheap.  

This time Snoopy developed an abscess between his toes.  He couldn't even put weight on his poor little foot.  They x-rayed it, shaved it, and treated the abscess.  Sent us home with a pile of meds and instructions on how to care for the foot.  Warm compresses and clean bandages.  Yeah, ever tried to make a BC sit still for a warm compress???

After a few days, he was better.  One week later we were back at the vet cause he couldn't walk again because his pads were all shredded.  Again.  Time for the booties.  Joe wonders why Joe has to wear shoes, and truly hopes he doesn't have to as well.  

Two weeks later, all is well in the Border Collie household.  

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