Saturday, December 12, 2009

December. Eek.

So, after a visit to Popcorn Served Daily, my friend Lisa's amazingly funny and fun-to-read blog, I realized that I hadn't visited my own blog in weeks. Okay, let's be honest, months. Lisa regularly posts incredible little life tidbits (love the latest on Waterford Crystal and Tamale making.) Why can't I get in the habit of posting regular little tidbits as well? For those of you loyal readers, do not fret. Probably not going to happen in this lifetime. You will still be treated to my random acts of blogness.

December. When did Christmas come so quickly? Our tree is up. Has been since the week prior to Thanksgiving. However, it is bare. Thankfully it is a pre-lit tree. There is one, sad little Starbucks cup ornament hanging on it. The outside of the house is pretty though!

Tonight is the Mustang Midget team sleepover at the ice rink. I'll never understand the reason for calling it a sleepover, as they don't sleep. They eat (10 large pizzas on order, 2 pans of brownies in the oven, and countless snacks coming from other parents.) They play a little hockey. They suit up in all their hockey gear and play football on ice. Mostly they have fun. And take home a few memories for the future. This year, they will be cold. Better them than me.

Kyle will not be attending for the full sleepover this season. He has some odd virus that has caused his spleen to enlarge. Not mono. Some other weird thing. He is out of physical activities for a few weeks to make sure he doesn't rupture said spleen. For some reason we need those things.

School ends this week, and I'm sure parents everywhere are rejoicing. Yay. Kids home for at least two weeks. Yay. The good news is that we don't have to fight over homework. And they can be very useful for carrying in groceries and taking out the trash (which is his job anyway, yet he needs to be constantly reminded. Hmm.)

My knitting is far far behind for the holiday season. Those of you expecting dishcloths for gifts, as always, might see them closer to Valentine's Day this year. Sorry! My experiment with cables (Bella hat Bella Hat and mittens) is taking longer than expected, and as I've seen on the Weather Network, there will be snow in Newmarket when we are there in January (more to follow on that one!)

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. About an hour north of Toronto. Small town. 7 ice rinks. Hosting the Silver Stick Midget Minor Finals this January. The finals that the boys managed to get an invite to by winning the Dallas Silver Stick regional tourney in October.
Mustangs SS win
Two regionals in 3 seasons is quite an accomplishment. Two regionals at two different levels (Bantam B and Midget Minor A.) Can't wait to see Newmarket. I think it's going to be a bit chilly there this year. And hopefully SNOW!!

Merry Christmas Kyle. Broken Stick Santa is bringing you round trip tickets to Toronto Canada and a stay at the Markham Hilton for Christmas this year! WooHoo!

Snoopy and Joe Joe & Snoopy await Santa Paws. put in their request for Greenies. Lots of them. Hope Santa Paws comes through.

Kim put in her request for a new bread machine. The last one died (after 10 years) while making a loaf of French bread. Was a bummer, but a shiny new Zojirushi will be under my tree this year (thanks to Sur La Table for having it in stock and to BB&B for not having the Cuisinart one in stock.)

Ron wants socks. He got a shiny red Nissan 350Z this year, so I think socks are in order. Don't you?

And with that I'm putting this edition of Chaos to bed. After all , the title says it all.

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