Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from our chaos to yours

Happy Holidays from the Burkovich Family

Snippets of our life in 2009: Ron and Kim celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Ron turned 50. Kyle completed his first year of high school. The puppies turned 4. Kyle got his braces off (too late to make pictures for the Christmas card.) Ron continued playing golf and regularly breaking 80. Kim continued managing Kyle’s hockey team, and enjoying nearly every minute of it. Kyle’s Mustang Bantam A team managed to win SIX tournaments last season (that has to be some sort of record) bringing their total as a group to 13 tournaments over 3 seasons. Snoopy lost weight and gained it all back. Joe remained skinny and a bundle of energy. Snoopy still loves mom’s lap more than any other place to rest. Joe doesn’t rest. Kyle went to summer school to improve his grade in 9th grade math. Kim did a lot of knitting but is still working on finishing her first sweater. Ron redid the entire front yard (it’s quite beautiful and gives the house so much character.) He also felt inspired to buy a sledgehammer and tear out some of the cool decking by the pool, replacing it with hand-laid pavers. Kyle spent the summer sleeping when he could and skateboarding when he wasn’t sleeping. And making the occasional trips to the ice rink to be sure he could still skate (and mom could cool off.) Ron and Kim took the boat out on Saguaro Lake and had to be towed back in when a water hose burst, flooding the engine compartment. Ron, Kim & Kyle (and two of Kyle’s friends) went up to Heber-Overgaard for a fishing weekend. Turned out it was a very cold weekend, very windy and the fish wouldn’t bite (Ron caught one and Kim caught one.) But we watched the Penguins beat the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals (go Pens!) Hockey season began again in August. Kyle’s hockey team won another regional Silver Stick tourney, garnering them an invitation to the finals in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada in January 2010 (look it up on a map. It’s sure to be a cold trip!) Kim can’t wait to go back to Toronto and finally go up to the glass observation deck of the CN Tower. Kyle’s not so sure. Ron has most of January off for vacation but not the week we go to Canada. Kyle is now a sophomore in high school and looking forward to getting his driving permit in February (eek.) Ron gave Kyle his Toyota pickup which was a great excuse for him to come home in a shiny red Nissan 350Z. Kim is still driving her Pilot. The puppies don’t care which car they get in as long as they get to go somewhere. We put our Christmas tree up two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, but still (as of press date) hadn’t hung any ornaments on it. And with that tidbit, we hope that all of you had an eventful and happy filled year as we have. May your family be blessed with a wonderful 2010.

Love, Ron, Kim, Kyle, Snoopy & Joe

(and the bird who doesn’t talk)

ps – we like the roller coaster

(more than the merry-go-round)

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