Sunday, October 04, 2009

The best way to combat evil is to do good.
The best way to fight fear is to be strong.
The best way to ease loneliness is to love.
The best way to grow is to change.
Fight for your life. Tell your stories.
Send your signals to the world.
~Jon Katz

Jon Katz published this on his blog ( this morning and it really hit home for me. Thought I'd share.

Been a crazy few months. I look back that I last posted in August and wonder where September went. Oh.... school, hockey, life. Passes by too quickly sometimes.

Kyle... back in school, and struggling, but only because he doesn't give his best effort. But thankfully overall he's a good kid. He has a new group of school friends this year. He's going to football games and hanging out with them outside school which is nice. Ron and I went to a football game a few weeks back. It had been since high school that I'd been to a high school football game. Was very fun.

Hockey, going well. A big change from previous seasons where we could do it all and win it all. The kids are going to have to work harder and learn to live with some losses this year, but that's not a bad thing. Went 2-2 in the Labor Day tourney. Went 2-2 in the IceBreaker Tourney. Off to Dallas next weekend for the Silver Stick tourney. Kyle still loves playing, I still love managing.

Dogs... Ron drained the pool and they both seem devastated by the loss of their giant water dish. We're running again in the mornings (thank you Mother Nature for finally turning down the thermostat!) They love their morning runs. There is a Border Collie we see occasionally, Zach, who loves to play with them. We also have two Australian Shepherds we see fairly frequently. They do love the play time.

Snoopy is not feeling 100% right now. He has a vet visit tomorrow to check things out. Needs his 6 month Valley Fever titer test and maybe a round of blood work just to be sure things are in order.

Joe is Joe. Absolutely freaking nuts and thankful that the monsoon was rather mild this year.

Ron... in training this weekend. Last time in the 737. This time next year he should be flying the Airbus. I think he's looking forward to the change.

Me... Life goes on as it always does. Running the dogs, doing the laundry, driving to hockey. The mom life doesn't change much.

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