Sunday, October 05, 2008

Geez, I'm slacking here.

No new knitting projects to share. Nothing really exciting to share.

Kyle has skated all week. Two practices, one game. He seems to be doing okay, though he thinks he took a puck in the skate in the game yesterday and it caused him some pain. He's not back in the boot today though. Yet.

The team lost yesterday. 1-0. The team we played will be playing in the B tourney in Dallas, we're playing in A. What does that say?

Nana moved into her new house yesterday. It looks great with her furniture in there. I hope she'll be very happy there.

Kyle & I leave for Dallas on Friday morning. Preliminary games - 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday. We won't play Monday unless we make the finals - top 4 teams out of 12 make it. Last year we didn't anticipate being in the final 2, but we were. Never know what will happen until you get there.

The puppies are fine. Joe got his staple out, finally. Snoopy is acting like a terrible teenage boy, bullying his brother. Fortunately this hasn't resulted in any more trips to the vet.

I'm just enduring the pre-election hoopla. It's tough to be an island.

Til next time.

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Jules said...

Did your mom move close? I'm glad she's happy.:)