Saturday, October 18, 2008

Realizing I haven't blogged in a while,

and then wondering if anyone actually reads this stuff? Or is it just to entertain my own brain?

Kyle's team went to the Silver Stick regional tourney in Dallas this past weekend. Ended up losing in the semis to the Phoenix Coyotes Bantam 95 team. Nothing like traveling 2 hours by air to lose to a team we can play any old day here in Phoenix. They went on to win the whole thing. Second year in a row for them.

Kyle did score two goals in one game. He looked good. Had a good tourney. Didn't play much in the 3rd of the last game (did he play at all in the 3rd?) which he was rather peeved about. Can't blame him. He worked hard and played well. No reward there.

The dogs spent the weekend with Karen, our wonderful petsitter, as Ron was on a trip. Don't know if they ate at all. Wouldn't hurt Noo to lose a couple of pounds. They were very happy when we returned late Monday. Ron was home on Sunday.

I got one whole inch of Ron's Bearfoot socks knit over the weekend. And that was all accomplished on the flight there! I've almost finished the seamen's scarf. Need to get both hat & scarf finished over the next 2 weeks. Have to order more yarn for Ron's socks. Didn't figure the yardage right.

Am thrilled that the whole election period is coming to a close. I am a blue island in a sea of red around here. Not at home, where finally, after 20 years, Ron & I are actually agreeing during an election, but in my town & state. It was far easier to live in Los Angeles where the islands are red, not blue.

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