Friday, September 26, 2008

Foot update

We saw the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. He said that he didn't find a break, yet with avulsion fractures, sometimes the breaks won't appear immediately. He felt Kyle was fine. Keep the boot on until Saturday, regular shoes Saturday & Sunday, no PE for two weeks, but he can skate on Monday night if he has no pain. Very good news. If he has pain, though, we're back in there next week. So fingers crossed that it's all better.

On other news fronts...

I finished a scarf on Wednesday. Need to wash & block it. Almost am finished with the knitting portion of a felted box. Finished the big bag (now a big purse after felting.) Have the lining done, but not sewn in yet. Am working on the handles before I get the lining in there. Frogged Ron's black socks, again. Ugh. It's a frustrating go with those black socks.

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