Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kyle's Broken Foot

Saturday night was our team party for hockey. A way to kick off the new season. It was hosted by the Caravella's at their new house. In the backyard they have an area that the boys have turned into their own personal skatepark with rails & ramps. Kyle apparently was skating, landed wrong, rolled his foot and voila, now he has a broken bone in his left foot. (and oops, I photographed the xray backwards, so it really is his left foot, not his right.)Kyle's broken foot 9/22/08

I didn't take him to urgent care that night - after all it was Saturday night and he wasn't dying. He wasn't even crying. So I waited until yesterday to take him to his regular pediatrician. The ped ordered xrays and the xrays were inconclusive, but the ped felt that if he pressed on that exact spot and it hurt, that indicated an injury. The radiologist called it an avulsion fracture.

Tomorrow we're off to the orthopedic surgeon to get a firm diagnosis. Meanwhile, Kyle is in a walking boot, not allowed to do PE, skateboard or ice skate. Not great at the beginning of the season with a tournament looming in two weeks. He's pretty bummed.

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