Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fear of circular knitting...

I admit it. I am utterly terrified of trying to learn to knit in the round. It's some kind of mental block, but I see people holding 3, 4 or 5 needles at one time and it freaks me out. I think I like circs better, as you're only holding 2 needles and you simply keep knitting round and round. I promised that I'd try to get brave enough to start a sock by next weekend. Ha.

So today I began attempting the crochet-chain provisional cast-on for my felted daypack (pattern is on Ravelry - KimBnAZ, or on my Facebook page.) I found that I couldn't make my crochet stitches even enough to start. My MIL is coming over shortly, so I'm thinking maybe I can get her to make my chain to start. Not the best way to learn, but HEY, at least it will get me going.

Other than knitting???? Kyle started pond-hockey yesterday. Sounds like it was fun, except it was all mites there (7 & 8 year olds.) At least he had Steven & David, his teammates from last season there as well. He also had a lesson, and Gayle said he is vastly improved from day one.

Nana is packing up the house and had 4 showings today. That's incredibly exciting since last time I think she had 4 showings in 6 months. Ron spent the day there yesterday doing yardwork and getting it ready for show. Never know, she might be packing up for good, sooner than we think.

Snoopy and Joe are SnooJoe. Wild and crazy as ever. Joe is currently jumping on and off the chairs in the living room while Kyle is outside shooting pucks. Snoopy is lying on my feet as I type.

Hope you're having a great weekend. I'm getting off this time sucker and knitting!

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