Friday, December 05, 2008

Poop on your head?

"Merde a votre tete" used to be one of my favorite phrases in French which literally translates to "poop on your head."

The reason for this random thought? Last night I came home from the store grand opening (another long story that needn't be told here) and felt that Joe's neck was kind of crusty. Last time I felt something like that was where Snoopy had bit him. I turned on the light and it looked kind of brownish like dried blood. Asked Kyle (since he was still awake and Ron was snoring loudly) and Kyle said that Ron said that Joe rolled in poop. Nice. It appeared that Ron may have attempted to clean it up but had been largely unsuccessful. I cleaned him up and went to bed.

Turns out not only Joe had poop on him, but Snoopy as well. Both boys got baths today, and are now very clean and smell wonderful. It won't last.

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