Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oops!!! Time flies by!

Can't believe it's been more than a month since I last posted. My how time flies!

Kyle decided to not play hockey this summer. Citing 5 straight years of year-round hockey, he opted to take a break this summer and enjoy other things. He'll be playing golf quite frequently - clinics & local junior tournaments. He's got a brand-new dirt bike to enjoy (he moved up from a 65 to an 85, but that's about as technical as I can get. Oh yeah, it's a Suzuki.) He had to get new bindings for his wakeboard as his large feet don't fit in the old ones. Oh yeah, and he's got piles of puppy poop to pick up regularly! There's lots to do around here without hockey!

The puppies are getting so big. Every time I pick them up to cuddle now, I remind them that someday I won't be able to do it anymore. Joe has developed "big dog" fur. Kind of wiry, but still has a little down underneath. Snoopy is still fluffy boy. They can run & jump really well now. Snoopy is definitely the guard dog. He barks at everything. And when Snoopy barks, Joe runs & hides. They are funny little boys.

Housebreaking... well... they're not bad. Mostly they remember to go outside and do their business in the rocks, but sometimes they simply forget and go where they happen to be standing. Thank goodness we tiled the family room. And thank goodness we gated off the rest of the house! Nature's Miracle will be in business a bit longer due to our boys!

We spent last weekend up at the cabin. Ron went up a few days early to build the boys a fenced yard so they couldn't run away, or something couldn't run away with them. They enjoyed the yard. Snoopy was no longer white - and I'm sure Joe was carrying plenty of dirt on him as well. They found a nice cool spot under the back stairs to dig. They dug a hole about a foot deep. They watched the horses and made a friend out of a hound that wandered by.

Summer is well on its way here. We're supposed to be in the low 100s by the weekend. Poor pups aren't going to enjoy that much. They've gotten quite used to lounging on the patio, playing hockey on the sport court. Fortunately, they're learning to swim - so they'll have that when it's 110.

Kyle finishes 5th grade in just a few short weeks. He has a busy summer planned with his golf clinic every Wednesday, the PGA Junior Tour every Monday, summer movies on Thursday... It should be a busy, fun summer. We hope to spend lots of time enjoying the cool weather in Heber, and cooling off at the lake on the boat.

Puppy pictures to follow.

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