Monday, May 30, 2005

End of May already?

Can't believe it's Memorial Day already. Where does the time go? Kyle has 4 more days of 5th grade, then 8 glorious weeks of no alarm clocks (except on golf tourney days,) no carpool, no water bottles, no snacks, NO HOMEWORK!!! That's the best part for me (mom.) I thought I already went through school, but alas, here I am doing homework again.

Kyle did his science fair project on paper airplanes this year. His title was "Airmazing Airplanes." His question was "Does the shape of an airplane's wing affect its flight?" Pretty cool project. Dad went to his presentation and said he did a very good job of explaining his hypothesis and results. Mom got lots of compliments on her backboard.

The puppies are growing like weeds. They had their 3 month vet visit last week and weighed nearly 20 pounds each. That's why it's getting harder to pick them up! They still sleep a lot, but are very active when they're awake. We had to move them up to the "puppy condo" size crate. One night Joe decided he was not going to sleep in that small crate. Ended up keeping Mom up most of the night. Dad went out the next day to buy new crates. They are very happy with the new puppy condos. They're so big, even Kyle can fit in!

Ron made it through yet another training session yesterday. He's now good to go for 6 more months. By the end of those 6 months, he might be a US Air captain, instead of America West. As of now, you all know as much as we do - if you've been reading the paper. We're hoping for only good out of this potential merger, but we're waiting before passing judgment. AWA has been profitable & doing very well for the last year. US Air is in their 2nd bankruptcy in 5 years. Not the merger we would have hoped for, but we're waiting to see how it all works out.

Kyle starts his summer golf season next week at Viewpoint Golf Resort, for the second year. He will start his tournament career the following Monday. I'll be posting his tournament schedule for the summer, and updating it with his finishing positions & scores weekly.

More pictures & stuff to follow. Keep posted!!!

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