Friday, April 15, 2005

More on the pups

Had a minute - they're still sleeping. Wanted to post some new picutres of them. I have tons more of them tearing around the lawn after each other. And of their prowess at being defensemen on the hockey rink out back with Kyle. He tries to score & they try to take the puck (okay, so we use a ball out back) away, or they score themselves. It's very cute.

Housetraining is going well. Just a couple of inside accidents a day. They are using the doggie door, only they haven't quite associated the door with "potty" yet. Joe still thinks it's okay to use the door to come IN the house to potty.

I must say, though, that all of this is much better than I anticipated. Two pups are much easier than one in many ways. They play together & keep each other great company. I could never entertain either of them as well as they do each other. And still they are very loving toward all of us. They love to be held & cuddled. Double the cost, but double the love!

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