Monday, July 14, 2008

My Mac is back

My iMac took a little vacation to the Apple Store for the last week. Turns out it was having a bit of trouble with its logic board, which needed replacement. I get it. My logic board has been on the fritz for years.

In the meantime, I finished knitting my newest felted bag and it's ready to go. I just need to get the pics uploaded. I also knitted a wallet, and am on the 2nd sock of my red/white socks. Boy that 2nd sock is tough.

My car is STILL in the shop. They said Friday or Monday (today) at the latest. Still no news.

Took Snoopy in for bloodwork to prove to Ron that I really am a crazy dog owner. Unfortunately, I'm not just a crazy dog owner. Snoopy has Valley Fever. His titers are in the mid-range from the vet's message. I won't know more until I talk to the vet tomorrow. Fortunately, all his other blood work was perfect. As the vet said, he'd like to have such a great lab report!

We're on the 3 week countdown to high school. 3 more weeks of vacation for Mr. Kyle (who has done nothing since coming home from camp except skateboard and play Guitar Hero.) Hard to believe the summer is almost over. Harder still to believe I'm old enough to have a kid going to high school. Damn I'm old.

So pics will follow, as will updates on the Baby Noo.

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Jules said...

Yeah Carson the "baby" (or he was for 6 yrs) turns 8 years old next week. I don't even know how it's possible.