Sunday, December 09, 2007

Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukah & all that stuff

Rather than bore the world with a long holiday letter this year, I decided to point everyone to this blog. This way you can pick and choose what you read about - plus all the cool pictures are here to see!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful 2007. It was a happy & sad one for us.

On the sad note, in March, Ron's dad Walter passed away at 82 years of age. It was a sudden passing - he had been diagnosed with cancer in January. He was honored with a beautiful memorial service and is interred in a military memorial wall here in Phoenix.

On a happier note, Kyle's hockey team went undefeated in league play and won their state championship. It was a very exciting game, with the team winning in a shootout. Kyle is halfway through 8th grade and will enter high school next year. He is currently playing hockey for the Phoenix Mustangs ( on a Bantam B/A team.

Ron continues to work for America West (now known as US Airways.) He's still a captain on the 737 and flies periodically when they call him in to work. He's playing a lot of golf.

Kim's full-time job is Hockey Mom and Official Dog Keeper. She is managing Kyle's hockey team this season. Dog training has gone on the back-burner for now as hockey has taken precedence this year.

Snoopy and Joe are almost 3 now. They are still puppies in dog bodies, however. I think they miss agility training, but occasionally Kim will pull out the equipment and run them through some obstacles for fun. They are wonderful companions and brighten our lives every day.

Kyle & Kim have taken a few trips this year for hockey - Littleton, Colorado in January - where we were greeted with below zero temps and lots of snow - and the boys won the SlapShot Tourney. Anaheim in April for the Disney Ice Tourney over Easter. Salt Lake City and San Jose this November - San Jose where the boys took the regional Silver Stick title, securing an invite to the international finals in January in Pelham, Ontario, Canada.

Ron, Kim & Kyle took a wonderful trip up to Calgary - detailed below. The Banff area is one of the prettiest we've seen. It was worth the $7 (Canadian) per gallon to drive up there.

2008 promises to be another eventful year for us. Check in and we'll keep you posted!

May you and yours have a peaceful, blessed holiday season. Best wishes!!!!

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