Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monsoon time in AZ

July brings the monsoon. It's hot and humid, rather than just hot, but too hot to rain. It simply evaporates. But you didn't come here to read about the weather in AZ, did you?

All is well around here. Kyle is playing summer hockey, about a month left now. Ron is playing lots of golf - despite the heat and humidity. I am hiding out in the a/c hoping for October to come quickly.

Snoopy and Joe are hanging out as well. Playing as much pool ball as possible and using the house as a racing track. Joe spent a day at the surgeon's office earlier this month having his hips examined. All is mostly well - his xrays were beautiful, but the doctor could "pop" his hips, so he diagnosed Joe as having very mild dysplasia. He said it shouldn't limit his activity at all.

Kyle tried out for the Polar Bears PeeWee B team this last week. He received the call last night that he made the team. There were about 30 kids trying for 15 spots, many of them returning B players. He's very excited about playing on a travel team again. Our website (www.burkovich.com) will have a link to his schedule if anyone wants to check out a game. Our schedule for the next month will be crazy, while he begins the travel season and finishes his summer house season. Just like a few years ago, we'll be living at the rink.

Kyle also starts junior high on 8/9, so stay posted for info on that huge transition!

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