Wednesday, June 28, 2006

End of June and all is well

Summer is in full swing. Kyle's doing his annual golf clinic at Viewpoint and playing summer hockey. Ron is doing yardwork and watching golf. I'm scrapbooking, cause it's too hot to do much else!

We took a family vacation down to Tucson the first week of June. It was great. We stayed at Loew's Ventana Canyon Resort. What a beautiful place! Kyle brought his friend Kyle and they went to a skateboard camp at the Y every morning. Ron played golf on both the hotel courses. It was an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place to spend a few days.

Nana & Pa stayed here with the boys, and I think Pa needed a vacation after entertaining two toddlers for the week! The boys did fine without us. They hardly even said hello!

Joe went to the surgeon this week to have his hips xrayed. He has been favoring his left rear side for a while now (reading over these blogs, I can't believe HOW long it's been!) We had him tested for valley fever, and fortunately that was negative. So the surgeon did an exam and xrays. Joe's xrayed hips are beautiful, but they can be "popped" as the doctor said. So he has a very mild case of hip dysplasia. However the doctor said that it is nothing to concern ourselves with at this time. To not limit his activity, but to keep an eye on him if he is active, to see if there is any change.

Joe is set to start serious agility training in the fall, and this may change that. Or it may not. I will have to talk to the trainers about it.

Snoopy will move up to Level Two training in the fall, which is also really good news. He'll enjoy more agility.

No more news for now. The pool calls.

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