Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feb news

Well, it's February. End of the hockey season looming (doesn't that seem quick?), the Super Bowl XL has been played, and believe it or not, the puppies are turning one. That also means it has been a year since our beloved Toosox left us for the Bridge.

Hockey has been going well. Kyle had a hat trick (3 goals in one game for you non-hockey people) during their game on 1/28, however, the Black Bears still managed to lose that one, 7-5. He is having fun, nonetheless, and getting pretty good at checking. And kudos to Kyle for nary a penalty in his first 7 games back.

Joe is set to finish another training session tomorrow night. Unfortunately, though, we have already been informed that he will not be progressing on to level 3. All dogs must be completely off-leash trained for advancement to the next level. So Joe & I will be continuing in level two for a while yet.

Snoopy has recovered quite well from his surgery. He's just about ready to go back into training, but that will have to wait until Joe moves up to level 3. They can't both go to training on the same night. So it is likely that Noo will wait until spring to start. It's probably just as well, because right now, he doesn't seem any too enthusiastic to listen!

The boys will turn one on February 21st. Unbelievable. In some ways it seems as though they've always been here, and in others, I can't believe how quickly they've grown. I miss my little bitty soft puppies, but I'm so glad to be through the housebreaking stage!

February 23rd marks one year since Toosox left us for the Bridge. There's not a day that goes by that we don't miss her sweet face or wonderful disposition. She was such a blessing in our lives and brought us so much joy over the almost 13 years she was with us. We love you little girl. You can go to this link to learn about the Rainbow Bridge.

Kim has spent most of January setting up a family website. More for my own enjoyment (and frustration) than anyone else's. But if you're so inclined, you can visit and see the results. This will still be kept up and running for my pithy musings.

In closing, here in Maricopa County, we've now gone 109 days without any measurable precipitation. If any of you have any connections to the rain gods, could you please ask them to send us some? We're turning to dust down here.

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