Thursday, January 12, 2006

Agility Dog Joe and other news

As you know, Joe had to take Snoopy's training spot when Snoopy had shoulder surgery in November. Joe began training 3 weeks into the 6 week session. He made it through graduation, but apparently not well enough to move on to level two.

Since I didn't realize that Joe was supposed to be taking level one again (oops!) I showed up for the level two class. My fellow classmates assured me that Joe was worthy, but the trainer said she thought otherwise. But she said, since I was already there, and had missed the level one class, that we would see how it went.

Well, Joe elevated himself to level two! He did outstandingly - well enough at obedience, but unbelievable at agility. This dog was born for agility. Although his leash work still needs practice, his off leash work is good. And I have to hold him back from running into the agility course. He loves it.

So far he's learned the chute, tunnel, tire, a-frame, dog walk, jump, weave poles, and table. The weave poles still have the guides on them, so you can't really say he's mastered those. But the chutes and tunnels he flies right through and the jumps right over! The dog walk and a-frame are a breeze, but he's not fond of the teeter. He does fine until it starts to totter. Then he bails off! So the teeter-totter needs some work.

This week he flew right through a tire/chute/jump/table combo without hesitation. Also, a jump/dogwalk/tunnel/jump combo. He's progressing!

Snoopy is doing well also. He's still not back in training (maybe at the end of this 6 weeks) but we're doing a little work here at home. He's running and jumping again with his brand new shoulder. He's definitely putting the surgeon's work to the test. He's still completely unmanageable on leash, but I'm working on it. This dog is not food-driven which makes training a challenge. I can't seem to find a reward he'll work for!

We're nearing the one year mark with the pups. They still behave like babies so it's hard to believe they're almost adults!

It's almost one year since Toosox was diagnosed with lymphoma and began her decline. She still remains very much a part of our lives in spirit. She is always missed.

Kyle is enjoying his return to hockey. In the two games last weekend he managed a bunch of shots on goal and one assist. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the physical nature of PeeWee hockey at all either. We're hoping that with a little practice he'll be able to find the back of the net again. His team lost on Saturday, during a questionable penalty kill, 3-2. They had a huge game on Sunday, playing the first place undefeated team to a 3-3 tie. For this last place team with only one win on the books, that was a huge accomplishment.

Ron continues to play golf when he can and watch it when he can't. And I have greatly enjoyed my break from getting up every morning. Now that Kyle's back in school I'm battling with the alarm every morning.

Happy 2006 and don't forget to check in for updates on us!

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